Discard all Gurus, spiritual teachers who use the word ‘I”

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    Discard all Gurus, spiritual teachers who use the word ‘I”. O seeker, if you want to find the truth, adhere to the following three actions:

    1. Self-effort: Controlling your senses, subdue anger and lust. Develop dispassion and truth will itself follow you like a shadow follows the body. if you can look at the transient nature of things, control your base desires and develop compassion towards everyone, automatically Maya will shower you with wisdom. Only fools decide to take a short-cut to the realization of the truth by giving allegiance to gurus or ashrams.

    2. Faith: In the age of Kali, when fortune seekers and miracle hunters will prevail, fake spiritual gurus will prosper. The wheel of time is such, that even genuine seekers will get corrupted. Hence make your own efforts and have a firm faith that you are part of the universal consciousness.

    3. Read the scriptures: The wise define the Upanishads as the soul captured by sound. Read the scriptures which have been discourses given by Gods and wise men only with the intent of bestowing wisdom upon mankind similar to a tree that offers shade on a hot afternoon. Without reading the Gita, going to the ashram to achieve the truth is like a choosing a perfumed cake of cow-dung over a bouquet of roses emanating a natural fragrance.

    The greatest philosopher or Guru that got manifested was my Krishna Avatar. And know that, by your own efforts, I am to be found within.

    The garland of the fake spiritual guru will act as the noose of the hangman if you do not use your own dispassion and discrimination to read the Upanishads, the Gita, Yoga Vaisistha, the puranas and other scriptures to arrive at the truth.

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