Do you know which is the World’s Oldest Dam still in use today ?

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    You will be surprised to know the answer. Its in India and built by a Tamil Hindu King !!!
    THE GRAND ANICUT, KALLANAI.Built in the 2nd Century by The Great Hindu King Karikala Cholan.

    Kallanai (also known as the Grand Anicut) is an ancient dam built across the Kaveri River in Tiruchirapalli District in the state of Tamil Nadu in South India. Located at a distance of 15 km from Tiruchirapalli, World’s earliest water-regulator structure in stone.

    Built by the Great hindu King Karikala Cholavar during the first century Karikala was a Chola king who ruled during the Sangam period. He is recognized as the greatest of the Early Cholas,

    Grand Anicut (“Kallanai” in the local parlance), is one of the oldest water-diversion or water regulating structures in the world. 1,082 feet long with a maximum height of 18 feet and is 40-60 feet wide. It was remodeled and fitted with sluice gates in 1899-1902. For nearly two millennia it has irrigated a million acres of land. India had more land under irrigation in ancient times than it does today.

    Karikala Chola , the greatest king among the Chola kings of the Sangam age in Southern part of India, who was the son of Ilamcetcenni & he ruled south India around 120 C.E. Karikala Chola had been known by the epithets Karikala Peruvallattan & Thirumavalavan. Karikala led the successful Chola empire in campaigns to unify the 3 Dravidian kingdoms. Meaning of his name meant "the man with the charred leg," an injury he received during a fight to escape capture from a scheming competitor for his throne. He had earned praise for the beauty of his war chariots. In the Battle of Venni, Karikala crushed the Pandya and Chera forces, leading to the unifying of the three kingdoms into one under Karikala's rule. Karikala's Chola garnered great wealth in trade with the Roman empire. He used that wealth to fund his military campaigns and to build his cities. He is reputed to have decorated the capital city of Kanchipuram with gold. He earned lasting fame by building dikes along the banks of Kaveri. He built the Grand Anaicut, the oldest dam in the world, and irrigation canals as well as tanks. His innovations and projects with irrigation greatly aiding agriculture in his kingdomHe left a legacy as an able and just king, promoting commerce and administering justice. He appears to have been sincerely mourned by the people of Chola at his death.

    The dam plays an important role in the irrigation system in the Cauvery delta.

    Besides attracting a large number of tourists, the dam has fascinated historians and engineering experts. Though much has been said time and again about Grand Anicut, not many know the great contribution made by king Karikalan to promote irrigation in the delta region.ucted by the Chola king Karikalan around the 2nd Century ADThe dam was meant to divert water across the fertile delta region for irrigation through canals.

    The main function of this dam was to retain the supply in the Cauvery and its branches and pass on the surplus into Coleroon through the Ullar river.

    The dam is seen as a model for engineers across the world. Sir Arthur Cotton’s 19th century dam across the river Coleroon (Kollidam), the major tributary of Cauvery, is stated to be a replication.

    If this same Dam was in US or EU by now this could have been most famous international tourist destination . Time to get back out pride ! Karikala The Kings of Hindu Kingdom was also the brand ambassador of Hinduism and our Culture .

    Long Live the King !!!
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