Does anyone have a step by step Venkateswara puja?

Discussion in 'Spiritual Forum' started by Steven Virag, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. Steven Virag

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    Does anyone have a step by step Venkateswara puja complete with prayers? I can't find any online. Thank you.
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  2. harinarayana

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    You should try a more active forum and you can find an answer by someone who knows an answer. For instance, or

    Another point - starting with memorizing a favorite composition or a short mantra and reciting it regularly. Here's a sweet composition. We can talk about meaning if interested. Also, one can start with memorizing some parts of Vishnu Sahasranama)and reciting everyday is a great way to start. At the end of Vishnu Sahasranama, Krishna says that even reciting a single verse with devotion pleases him. Also, there is a mantra like Sri Rama Rama Rameti, recited by Shiva to Parvati try to look up the meaning and recite it - it contains essence of Vishnu Sahasranama.

    Also this teacher,, conducts regular SatyaNarayana pujas and has a website with lot of information on pujas.
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