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    I would like to pass on a small story i heard as a kid, that teaches us many many lessons in Life. i have changed the names of characters because i have forgotten the original names, but the powerful moral of this story still echos within me everyday...

    There once was a ignorant king by the name of Maharaja Soovan, and his friend by the name of Pavan and they were always together.
    Once, the king went to cut apples in his garden but his friend had family commitments and didn't go along with the king.

    When Maharaja Soovan was cutting the apples with the knife, he mistakenly cut of his hand !!!!. - he then got angry with Pavan thinking that if Pavan was there, then Pavan's hand would have gotten chopped off instead of his own.
    With his anger, he had put poor Pavan in jail for a lifetime.

    When the king went to cut apples 2 years later, there was a group of demons that kidnapped him, as they needed a perfect male to sacrifice for there evil deeds. -But seeing that he had no right hand, they had to let him go, since he wasn't ''PERFECT'' to them !!!.

    It was here that the king released Pavan after explaining that if his hand didn't get chopped off, then he would have died that same day !!!,
    -BUT .... Pavan was thanking the king for keeping him in prison, since he always go with the king and therefore, he would have been sacrificed if he wasn't in jail for those 2 years!!!

    In life, ''EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON !!!'' - Even if no-one finds u ''PERFECT'', because in Gods eyes ...''you was perfect, you are perfect and will always be perfect'' since we are the children of Bhagwan, who is the essence of perfection and we will always be protected by Bhagwan. Nothing happens to us without a reason.

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