Does it really exist?

Discussion in 'Hindu Holy Books' started by A Gyani, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. A Gyani

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    Many times I heard through many Pandits and Aghoris that there is a book named " Ravan Sahinta " that is written by Ravan. It contains many mantras that can make you super powerful or can becomes a cause of your death, if spelled wrong. One Aghori told me that through mantras mentioned in that book, you can transfer your age to someone else and increase his/her age also saving him/her from death. Is this all true? Does this type of book really exist?
    Sorry if these types of question is prohibited on this forum.
  2. Ignorant

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    well answers to this question will be quite interesting as i haven't ever known or seen anything like this before.
    waiting to see what comes up
  3. Senthil

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    If it does exist, and I've never heard of it, it would definitely be kept secret. Can you imagine siddhis like that in the wrong hands? Personally, I think it's most likely a scam, the kind that involves false promises.

    There are many stories of ancient sages and siddhars doing such miracles, but only for the cause of dharma, never adharma. But those aren't from a book, but from the evolution of the individual siddhar itself.

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