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    This is a story of man who was taking a hurried walk, Suddenly while walking he stumbled on a stump of grass and nearly fell down. He became very annoyed and angry. The grass roots were too deep inside the earth to be plucked and thrown. But this man was undeterred. He anger would brook no opposition. He sat down there and thought about removing the grass in the burning sun rays, He then removed that grass by pouring sweetened lassi around the area where the grass roots existed (Reason :Ants would come their coz of sweetened lassi & they would eat away all the roots. Thereby destroying the plant.) and after pouring sweetened lassi he resumed his journey.

    The name of this great man was Chanakya. Seeing all this there stood another man, at the door of the choultry.

    He questioned chanakya by asking him that why he got so angry and it was just a grass?

    Chanakya reply was something that can inspire many he replied "Its not only about grass, its about mentality. Today if I will let go this grass and tomorrow may be some other small thing. Then "Let go" will become my mentality & tomorrow I will even let go my enemies who might become dangerous to let go. So, it doesn't matter how small it is, it is not matter of revenge but it is matter of mentality which must not be of "Let GO".

    Moral: If you want to stop self destruction start leaving behind let it go mentality

    Chanakya did not remove the roots manually. He was too smart for that. He poured sweetened lassi around the area. Ants would come into that area becuase of the sweetened lassi and then eat away the roots. Thus destroying the plant.

    I hope you like this real life story..
    please share this story that might inspre millions of hindus around the globe
    Jai shree ram

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