Do's and Don'ts of MEDITATION

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    The first requisite is to sit in the Padhmaasana, lotus posture. While seated in this aasana (posture), care must be taken to keep
    the spine straight and steady, without bending this way or that. Some persons bend their necks during meditation. This is very harmful, as the arresting of the rising Kundalini Shakthi at the throat, where some subtle naadis (arteries) operate, may endanger the entire physical system.Many have suffered mental derangement on account of misdirection of the Kundalini Shakthi.
    During meditation one should not bend backwards. That is also harmful.
    The cloth one wears during meditation should be tied loosely so that there is no pressure on the waist.
    The eyes have to be concentrated on the tip of the nose. If the eyes are open, they are likely to turn in different directions and one's attention is likely to get distracted. The eyes should be half open. If they are fully dosed, one may be overcome by sleep.
    Before sitting for meditation, the mind should be freed from bad thoughts and filled with sacred thoughts. This calls for control over all the sense organs. The ears should be trained to listen only to matters relating to the Divine and to eschew evil gossip. The eyes should be told to see God.
    The mind should be restrained from restlessness by making it concentrate on the breathing process and relating inhalation and exhalation to the repetition of the manthra, "So-Ham," "So Ham" ("I am He"). By this process, the life-breath is controlled. This reveals the great, power of Yoga. There is no need to undertake a separate exercise for awakening the Kundalini Shakthi.The process of breath control itself will achieve this purpose.

    from Prasanthi Nilayam

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