Duryodhana Mourns Radheya’s Death

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    The beautiful body of Radheya lay on the battlefield, his head in the dirt with a smile and clenched teeth. His teeth were clenched because he was trying to lift the wheel of his chariot as Arjuna shot an arrow through his neck. Dussana, Duryodhana brother, was also dead, killed by Bheema’s rage when he cut off his arm and drank the blood from his chest.
    Duryodhana strolled slowly to the battlefield and sat solemnly looking at the handsome face of Radheya. He did not want to live and thought that he would go mad. After many hours sitting and weeping, he decided to go to his grandfather (who is still alive with the 1000 arrows bristling from his body), still lying on his bed of arrows.
    Bheeshma looked lovingly at Duryodhana and reminded him that Radheya died a good death. “He is first a warrior. He must die on the battlefield,” said his grandfather. This did not pacify Duryodhana and he inquired, “Who was this noble man? Tell me who he is, grandfather?” Bheesma slowly and quietly told him that Radheya was a Pandava, the eldest of Kunti’s sons. He continued that Radheya made him promise not to tell anyone until he died.
    Duryodhana was silent. His tears were blinding him. Finally, he looked up and asked his grandfather, “ Radheya knew and he would not go them because he loved me so? Why am I not dead? Radheya, my friend, I will come to you soon, as soon as I can come. I cannot live without you. Now nothing can hurt me because my mind is cleansed of all sins when I heard about the noblest man that ever lived. I can meet death with a smile on my lips. I am free of the love of the kingdom. I want to share it with Radheya. I want one thing, death. I must go now and make preparations for my death. Duryodhana walked away without turning back.

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