Few Facts about AdiShankaracharya's Death

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    Adi Shankaracharya, the great philosopher of India was born in Kaladi which in the present day is known as Kerala. If we go by the stories his parents were childless for a long time, after which they were said to have prayed in the temple of Vadakkannathan temple which is situated in Trissur.

    Lord Shiva was really happy with their worship and appeared in front of them and asked them to pick a choice among the two options given by him, one was to have a son with average brains, he would be a mediocre human and would thus live a longer span of life, and the other was a boon of having an extraordinary son but who would not live for long. Despite the shorter life span both the parents chose the latter choice which was given to them by Lord Shiva which was to have a son with extraordinary skill sets but not a very long. Thus, began the story of the great scholar Adi Shankaracharya who was even named on one of the names of Lord Shiva ‘Shankara’. However, his father died at a very early age which was why there was a delay in his Upanayanam which is a Hindu ritual marking the initiation of knowledge in their lives, and this is signified by a sacred thread which usually hangs loose around their body. As per the Hindu religion the sacred thread should be composed of distinct cotton strands, and once a person wears them they are eligible to perform Sandhya vandanam and also stand eligible to recite the famous Gayatri Mantra.

    But as per the philosophical stories which preceded before the birth of this Maha Guru Adi Shankaracharya death was to happen at a very early age. Hence towards the end of his life he that is Adi Shankaracharya travelled to the great Himalayan areas of Kedarnath-Badrinath and thus attained Videha Mukti which means freedom or liberation without the human body. This is usually and also referred as the path of moksha or liberation which is attained by anyone who is dead. Videha Mukti is the opinion of death which is held religiously, culturally as well philosophically by the people who follow the Hindu religion. Mukti means Moksha. As per the traditions and preaching of Hindus human being is essentially is essentially a soul or a spiritual soul that has taken the refuge of a body, and this is the base of one of the strong beliefs of Hindu religion which is reincarnation, and not only the Hindus but even the Buddhists too believe in the theory of reincarnation.

    It is said AdiShankaracharya death took place at a very early age and most probably that would be at the age of thirty two years, once he had completed his purpose of incarnation or avatar. As per the historical thesis Adi Shankaracharya advanced his journey to Kamrup which in the present day is known as Guwahati and is located in Assam, and there he attended the argument with Abhinava Gupta who was one of the Shakta commentator, and on the base of his comments and his immense knowledge about Vedanta he attained victory over the Shakta commentator too. If we go by the myths, quiet agitated by the defeat Abhinava made him suffer due to piles with black magic, but it was Padmapada helped him, and thence is when he proceeded towards the Himalayan range of mountains and there he had built a Mutt at Joshi and had also built a temple at Badri and from there he proceeded towards Kedarnath which is a point located further up in the Himalayan range of mountains and transformed himself into a Linga which was in 820 A.D. and he was of thirty two years old.

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