Few things people like Zakir Naik Must Learn about Hinduism

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    1.Zakir is learning vedas using some translations, where as there are no translations available of Vedas anywhere in the entire world, the english translations which he reads is not the actual translations of Vedas & are not even 10% closer to the real meanings of Vedic verses. So Mr. Zakir is not a Vedic Scholar & thus has no rights to translate & manipulate the vedic verses for his ill intentions of religious conversions. To become a Vedic Scholar one needs to practice & understand the particle science in Vedas also correct intonation must be practiced to be able to produce exact sound vibrations & electromagnetic field.However, one need to have understanding of Shiksha (Phonetics), Vyakarana (Grammar), Nirukta (Philology), Nighantu (Vocabulary), Chhanda (Prosody), Jyotish (Astronomy), Kalpa & so on that are critical for correct interpretation of the Vedas.

    2. Sanskrit of Vedas are not Classical Sanskrit but Vedic Sanskrit, the one which is most oldest & complicated language in the world, It's not at all like arabic, till yet more than 102 Arab 58 Crore 50 Lakh Sanskrit words have been used since the time of Panini & till next 100 years near same amount of other Sanskrit words will get used. In short the words in Sanskrit are countless.There are more than 12 ways of forming infinitives in Vedic Sanskrit, of which Classical Sanskrit retained only one form.
    The subjunctive mood of Vedic Sanskrit was lost in Classical Sanskrit. Also, there was no fixed rule about the use of various tenses (luṇ,laṇ & liṭ)
    (The subjunctive is a grammatical mood found in many languages. Subjunctive forms of verbs are typically used to express various states of unreality such as wish, emotion, possibility, judgment, opinion, necessity, or action that has not yet occurred).

    3. “na tasya pratima asti” - “There is no likeness of Him.” yaha "Pritima" shabd Vedic Sanskrit bhasha ka
    shabd hai , aur yaha iss line mein iska arth hai, ki Uss Param Tatva ke jaisa dusra koi nahi hai, arthat Param Tatva yani Super Element jise Ved Paramatma bhi kehtey hai wo Omnipresent ,Omnipotent aur Omniscient hai, Infinite hai, Formless hai, Start aur End nahi ha uska, Sthir yani Stationary hai, Ghann yani infinitely Dense hai. ye sarey Gunn (properties) wala koi dusra Tatva (Element) uskey atirikt nahi hai, isliye kaha hai “Na tasya pratima asti” jiska sahi aur scientific english translation hua "There is no other element with properties like Him". Kuch murkh yaha pratima shabd ko tasveer ya murti samajhakar logo ko murkh banane ka kaam kar rahe hai, isliye log savdhan rahe.
    Parmatma is formless because it's infinite in all dimensions, it's omnipresent i.e there is no place that can be imagined where this Element is not present, it's Ghann i.e it's infinitely dense which means it contains infinite mass in it. It's Sthir i.e It is Stationary which means it does not move at all as because there is no
    empty place where it can shift itself because it's already omnipresent, HE is without beginning & end, Paramatma (Param Tatva or Super Element) does not involve itself in any objective actions directly (like talk, move, walk, give orders, speak texts for holy books, give punishments etc etc). With all these properties
    there is no other element except HIM - “na tasya pratima asti”.

    4. "ekam sat vipraha bahuda vadanti" - "Truth is One but learned call him by many names"
    Satye arthat Bhramm ek hi hai Gyani log usi ek ko alag alag naam se jantey hai, arthat ek
    Param Tatva yani Super Element hi yaha alag alag akritiyo mein vyakt hua hai, yaha sabhi akritiyo me ek Bhramm hi hai aur uske siwa dusra koi nahi. sabhi akritiya chahe wo insan ki ho ya janwar ke ya devtao ke ya Bagwaan ke, jad ho ya chetan sabhi akrityo mein wahi ek Tatva (Element) yaha vyakt hua hai. Yaha uss ek
    Tatva ke siwa dusra koi nahi hai - "Eko Bramm Dutyo Nasti".

    It's actually HE who manifested here in different forms (present in this universe), i.e. everything either it's human beings, animals, birds, non living things anything either visible or invisible is a physical manifestation of that one Param Tatva i.e Parmatma (Super


    Whatever materialistic world you are experiencing is actually made up of virtual particles, thus is virtual & does not exist at all,

    To explain you scientifically, you know that there are so many particles & antiparticles which together makeup this universe , none of them are solid (Generally we use this term when we consider elements) , initially physicists used to believe that all particles or atoms are solid but later this was revealed that neither atoms nor any sub-atomic particles are solid i.e they appear to be solid but were not,

    So that mean EVERYTHING which we thought was real suddenly became VIRTUAL because everything was made of those virtual particles, that means all matter, compound, elements all are virtual

    & thus actually in reality does not exist at all, That also means our human bodies which are also made up of those virtual particles are also virtual & thus does not exist in reality. Vedas & Upanishads in

    Hinduism mentions this virtual reality as MAYA (MA => Something which appears as solid, dense & real, YA=> but is not) , this secret revelation by Vedas were which was initially rejected & not believed in 18th century by western physicists was later accepted with great shock & since then they started carrying deep analysis & researches on these Vedic literature's in Sanatan Dharma.

    *Note: Virtual Particle in my article means the Virtuality of being Massive & attaining structure by any particle or atom, thus giving illusion of real fundamental solid entity... or in other words all appearing particles are actually result of vibrations, i.e if you stop the vibrations all the particles will disappear into from where they came .i.e in Super Element .this is MAYA...the vedic concept

    5. "Andhatama pravishanti ye asambhuti mupaste" - many fraud missionaries translate it as :- "They enter darkness, those who worship the natural elements" (Air, Water, Fire, etc.). "They sink deeper in darkness, those who worship sambhuti." & then they explain it like this, 'Sambhuti', according to them means created things. For example table, chair, icon, etc. & hence, they claim that when Hindus worship icons,
    they go against their own scripture. However, truth is far from it. This is neither the correct verse nor the complete verse. now let me help you to understand the REAL translation & explanation of this verse..
    The actual verse is:-Yajurveda - Chapter - 40, Mantra - 9अन्धंतमःप्रविशन्तियेऽसम्भूतिमुपासते।ततोभूयइवतेतमोयउसम्भूत्यांरताः॥ (40:9)
    andham tamah pravisanti ye' asambhuti mupasate, tato bhuya iva te tamo ya u sambhutyah ratah.
    "ye asambhuti mupasate" - those who only do upasana of the unmanifested i.e formless i.e Paramatma;
    "andham tamah pravisanti" - enter inter into mental blindness (where they will not see any path further) i.e Mind with disturbances or Mind sunk in the greatest depths of misery;

    "ya u sambhutyah ratah" - those who are only preoccupied with the manifested i.e forms in which Paramatma has manifested itself;
    "tato bhuya iva te tamo" - enter inter into deepest mental blindness i.e Mind with disturbances or Mind sunk in the greatest depths of misery;
    Note: i have used word UPASANA not WORSHIP (prarthna), the verse does not talk about Worshipping but about doing Upasana of Paramatma. here it talks about Inner Upasana & Outer Upasana, Inner Upasana is always understood in concern with Paramatma & Outer Upasana is understood in concern with Sansar or
    Materialistic World.
    UPASANA means Sitting Down & Near, & doing Inner Upasana means making your Mind to focus inside on it's real self i.e Paramatma & try to come deep & near to HIM, i.e getting mind into the process of self-realization using any methods like Rajyoga, Gyanyoga, Bhaktiyoga etc etc.
    Doing Outer Upasana means making your Mind to focus on external materialistic world, external affairs, duties, fulfilling desires etcetc.
    In-short both these indicates towards the "Application of Mind". But, remember you will only find the word
    Upasana written everywhere, only vedic scholar can understand where it means what, not fraud like zakir naik.
    Explaining this verse here now:-
    So, complete explanation of this verse is:
    "Mind of those people will not get much peace (i.e will sunk in misery), who keep themselves ONLY towards formless, & those who keep themselves ONLY towards forms (i.e materialistic world, jo Nashwar hai) will not get peace at all (i.e will sunk in deepest misery)". So it's means both extreme techniques will not help one to become self realized.NOW, if you proceed towards the next two mantras after 40:9, you can understand the real teaching of Vedas.
    Mantra-40:10अन्यदेवाहुःसम्भवादन्यदाहुरसम्भावात् |इतिशुश्रुमधीराणांयेनस्तद्विचचक्षिरे ||
    We have heard from that Devata, who said the above (40:9) to us, that the effect of upasana of the "Sambhuti" has a different effect then upasana of the "Asambhuti".
    Explaining this verse now:-
    "People who do upasna of formless, & those who do upasna of forms (i.e materialistic world, jo Nashwar hai) both will have different results, this is what has been heard from deities".
    Mantra-40:11संभूतिंचविनाशंचयस्तद्वेदोभयसह |विनाशेनमृत्युंतीर्त्वासंभूत्यामृतमश्नुते ||
    They who do upasna of both formless (paramatma) & forms (manifestations of paramatma), by form they overcome death (i.e by realising "I am not body"), & by the formless they achieve immortality (i.e by
    realising i am soul i.e formless i.e paramatma, who is immortal). So Mantra 11, clearly says to do Upasna of
    both "sambhuti" & "Asambhuti" together.
    The summary will be,
    Mantra - 40:9 Don't do Upasna of Sambhuti or Asambhuti alone
    Mantra-40:10 The effects of Upasana of Sambhuti are different from the effects of doing Upasana of Asambhuti.
    Mantra-40:11 Hence do Upasana of both Sambhuti & Asambhuti together.

    via:Somenath Banerjee
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    Now you have clearly understood that these verses have no concern with idol worship or anything like that, So be careful next time
    when you hear any fraud missionary misguiding or manipulating the translation of these verses for their ill intentions of religious conversions.

    Thank you for reading & don't forget to share!!!
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    I think we should totally ignore Zakir Naik. If people can't figure out for themselves what an idiot he is, there's not much we can do for them is there? Foolish people will believe what they want to.
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    Zakir Naik is a radical Muslim. Why would ANY Sanātani listen to him??

    Anyway, I wish I could learn Saṃskṛta through and through, as there is so much knowledge that has been lost to us (me, for that matter). Because Zakir comes from that background of his, he has NO IDEA of the history surrounding missionary efforts at understanding the Vedas from an "Observer/Informer" perspective, and he comes at it from an Abrahamic perspective. No go there...
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    I agree with both of you he is not of much importance to us.
    But his claims needs to be refuted so that he doesn't misguide people around the world
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    I don't think we can ignore him. We did this mistake for many years, result, he grew in size and his follower base. In recent years his effect was so much that many Hindus started believing his words.
    By the efforts of many Hindu groups like Agniveer and other Hindu pages, he was brought under check.

    In my view Hindus should expose him in every street and corner so much so that he could not show his face to public again. By exposing his lies we would be able to destroy his network which is in millions worldwide.
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    That you can expect but in fact people do listen to him. He is considered one of the best scholars by muslims and has millions of followers. He uses all channels to spread his propaganda.In recent time nobody else confused Hindus so much as he did. Ignoring him might be the biggest mistake.
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    Maybe in India. Outside of India he has no influence, and nobody has even heard of him. He was banned from UK, and many Muslims hate him too. But I wish you well in countering it with anybody silly enough to listen to him.
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    I think he is very popular outside India, particularly in middle east. He has been awarded by Saudi Arab in 2013. He at present the biggest Muslim organization in India and South-Asaia. He is having network which spread every corner. The kind of propaganda he has started against Hinduism and others like Sikhism etc is UN-precedented. There are thousands of videos on youtube. You might be surprised to see, many dignitaries in his meetings. If he had not bee stopped could have caused lot of damage to Hinduism. Thanks to some devoted Hindus who stand up and exposed his lies.

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