Final Donation Of Greatest Daanveer Ever Born - Karna

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    JUST FOR INFO - This is ancient version of original mahabharat which was written before 3500 yrs ago by sage jaimini who was deciple of Ved Vyass.


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    Karna was fighting Arjun in the battlefield. Every arrow that Karna shot by placing agnito mantra would turn into 80,000 arrows. Arjun fought back against Karna shooting arrows, also by placing agnito mantra on them turning it into 60,000 arrows. Nakul and Shadev were helping Arjun shooting arrows with agnito mantra turning them into 5000. By shooting so many arrows, Karna made Arjun, Shadev and Nakul unconscious.

    All of a sudden, Karna's chariot wheel sank in the ground.
    Karna - Shalyaraja, take the wheel out of the ground.
    Shalya - I am not your servant so I am not going to get the wheel out. You get it out on your own.
    By saying this, Shalay left Karna all by himself. Karna got out of his chariot and tried with all his might could not get the wheel out of the earth. Krishna thought that Karna is not on his chariot now but if he gets back on the chariot than he will not be defeated.

    Krishna - Arjun, shoot the arrow now and kill Karna. If you do not shoot at Karna now, you will not be able to defeat him. Arjun took out an arrow and placed Shakti mantra on it and shot it at Karna. The arrow hit Karna in the chest and Karna fell saying RamKrishna, RamKrishna. Seing their great warrior fall in the battle, Kauravas army retreated for the day. Krishna turned into a Brahmin and approached dieing Karna.

    Brahmin - Rajan, I would like to perform Kanyadan, so I need lots of wealth. I have heard that you are a great daanveer. What will you give me?
    Karna - take, whatever is left in my chariot. Brahmin - there is nothing left in your chariot besides your weapons. It was night time and thieves were stealing things from Karna's chariot.
    Karna - I do have gold in my teeth that I can give it to you. Karna took a rock and smashed his teeth and gave it to the Brahmin. ( When taking Kavach and Kundal, Karna had to feel great pain. At this time, he also had to feel great pain by trying to smash his teeth with a rock. ) Brahmin - that daan came out of your mouth so it is dirty. You will give me a dirty daan.
    Karna - Bhudev, you are right. Can you give me water so I can wash it and give it to you.
    Brahmin - Look in this battlefield, there is hardly anyone. Who will give you water. Water is more precious than the gold that you have in your hand.
    Karna - Bhudev, you are right.

    Karna was wounded so did not have much strength left. Karna could not get up so slid on the ground and got close to his chariot. Karna grabbed the wheel and got on the chariot, where he saw his weapons. Karna took his weapons and slid on the ground where the Brahmin stood. Karna placed an arrow on his bow and shot the arrow by placing Gangaastra mantra on it.
    ( In Jaimini, the curse was not forgetting divine weapons but falling in the battle on the second day ) River Ganga appeared and Karna washed his teeth in it. Karna donated his teeth to the Brahmin. The Brahmin smiled and turned into Lord Krishna. ( Karna had asked for a boon for Krishna, long time ago to give him darshan at the time of his death. ) Krishna showed Karna his Viswa swaroop. Karna was very glad and fell at Lord's feet.

    Krishna - You are the greatest daanveer I have seen. Ask for anything that you wish. Karna - Oh, Lord, I do not wish to ask for any maya. Just give me five things. Tilak from Brahmin ( In kaliyug, a person places tilak from his own hand just to show off. But, the real tilak is when a seva or daan is performed than the Brahmin places on a person's head. ) Bhojan from mother's hand. ( In Kaliyug, a person forgets mother's love and enjoys bhojan when wife serves.) Son creaming a body ( Karna asked this boon so a son would be left to take care of the family. ) Be in my heart all the time ( In Kaliyug, people think that Lord is only in great temples but Lord is in us. ) Cremate my body at a virgin land. ( When I die, other lives would not be killed in order to cremate my body. )
    Krishna - you will have your wishes granted. Karna

    Karna' soul left the body after bowing to Lord Krishna. Krishna took Karna's body on his shoulder and looked for a virgin land. Krishna found seed size virgin land by Narmanda river. Lord Krishna placed the whip stick on the ground and placed his left hand with Karna's body on top of it. After that Lord Krishna cremated Karna's body. ( Even at this time, there is a site over here stating that this is where Lord Krishna cremated Karna's body)



    i) Jaimini Version Of Original Ved Vyass Mahabharat
    (Translation Credit - Mr.Sanjay Patel)

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