Follow these few points if want to be Hindu

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    Follow points below and this will help

    A. Self Learning:
    1. Read Upanishads and Bhagwad Gita
    2. Refer to Veda Samhita at Arya Samaj website
    2. Read works of people like Swami Vivekananda
    3. Try to go beyond rituals. Understand the proper REASON behind rituals. Remember Hinduism is VERY scientific and everything has a proper reason. This will come handy when your kids or other people will ask you.
    4. Make your life a reflection of Dharma
    B. Helping other Hindus
    1. Create awareness among other hindus who are away from religion BY INSPIRING them through your actions
    2. Be a role model at home, neighbor, society
    C. Spreading among non-Hindus
    1. Go out and clear doubts regarding Hinduism
    2. Always be patient - don't get angry with questions
    3. Don't attack other's faith, while discussing Hinduism
    4. Use Google a lot for finding answers
    5. if you don;t know something - you can always check with someone else. We all know little bit of something.. Together we know a LOT.
    D. Actions
    1. Remember you are a messenger of Hinduism/Dharma - whatever you say or do will be seen as Hinduism - so act and speak according to Dharma
    2. Be a magnetic personality
    3. Don't be selfish and be interested only in achieving Moksha for yourself only - Help others. Making a positive difference in other's life is a biggest Moksha.
    4. Don't wait to forgive others.
    Be a Brahmin - by learning Dharma
    Be a Kshatriya - by defending Dharma
    Be a Vaishya - by spreading Dharma
    Be a Shudra - by serving Dharma
    Always keep smiling - this is a biggest weapon against hatred.

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