Gauri Puja

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    Gauri Puja (Kartik Ameveseya)

    Gauri means parvati.this puja on the diwali night is performed, in particular by Gonads (tribals of madha Pradesh, chhatisgarh region) in which all village folk take part. This worship, though performed on diwali might, yet the worship commences from dussehara (vijaya dashami) on Dussehara day. A pit is dug in the cenre of the raised platform, in which flowers, egg of a hen, a copper coin are put and seve persons grind it with a mortar. It is then covered with thorny bush of berry tree, so that no one impurities the spot. On diwali day, an image of gauri, made out of wood and mud is installed. Siva mahadeo’s image is also installed. Their conveyance tortoise (of Parvati) and bull (of mahadeva siva) are also sculpted, Gauri’s ornaments are made from flowers and rice hair. At night, Gauri and siva are worshipped and their marriage is performed. Then the married couple is taken out in a procession with musical bands to the houses of all respected persons. On return, the images are placed on the platform and are worshipped, and then they are immersed in water people sing songs and dance. Some people are so enchanted that they lose their sense. Then they are called Dandeya, who are subjected to canning.

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