God Exists In Every Being

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    One day, a young Shrī Gaṇesh and His friends went out to play. On their way, they saw a dog and started playing with it. Some of the boys started pulling its tail and teasing it. While doing so, the dog got some bruises. Young Shrī Gaṇesh tried to dissuade His friends from hurting the dog, but the boys, being mischievous, did not listen to Him.
    After a few hours of playing they all went back to Shrī Gaṇesh's place. As they entered the house, they saw Shrī Gaṇesh's Divine Mother Pārvati was bruised with scratch marks on Her face and arms. The boys were concerned and asked Her, "Mother, how did You get these bruises?" Mother Pārvati replied, "This is the work of your hands, dear boys. These are the scratches caused by your nails."

    The boys asked in wonder, "How can that be, Mother? We do not remember scratching You ever!" The Mother replied, "Have you forgotten that a short while ago you were hurting a dog while playing with it?" The boys said, "Yes, we did play with a dog and may have hurt it, but what has that got to do with Your bruises Mother?”

    The Mother replied, "Dear children, everything in this world is a part of me. Whenever you hurt any living creature, you hurt me. So take care not to hurt others or cause them any grief, pain or fear."

    Moral: God exists in everything. Hence, we should be gentle and kind to every being. When we feel like destroying plants or hurting animals or other people, we should remember this story, and realise that doing so would be disrespectful to God, who exists even in them.

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