God - The Divine Power - Believe it or not.

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    The creator of this world is God, but scientific theory says that crator expolded the world and it contains Amiba and proteins which is the early extension of life on this world. The power which created this world is God or life came on its own. The ways to see things are different. But we can track the differences across the Human DNA Structure to know what exactly made human beings come to extension. According to Hindu methodology, God Bramha has created this world and shiva gives power and soul to breath in this world. Vishnu gave the soul to make it heaven to live.

    In every era according to Hindu methodology, God always helped the human kind to survive from devil power. same can be seen in Christanity, where they feel god has created this world in terms of Eve and Adam who lived here without any diffculty and god told them not to eat apples, but they did and came to know about life and problems.

    If there is no divine power then who is controlling the world, if a person dies we can transplant a heart and brain into his body and he should come back to live without any difficulty. If this cannot be done why do people die. Is there any power inside your body which helps you to live your life.

    The divine power is God who governs the world, if there is love and war in this world it because of some evil minds who has been created by god to make balance in this world.

    The power which rules this world is God and no body can challenge the power of God, you cant see it but you can feel it.

    The air is medium which is needed to live,water is needed to live, food is required to live. God is the one who provide it and we have to thank him for his favors in our life.

    Why we call a power when we are in pain, why cant we say other word like car, shirt or any other things when we are in danger. why we remember him when we are in pain. The life is small and we have to remember him for what he has given us.

    Mankind can only overcome the difficulty of life when he think for others pain. If we can help a person who is in difficulty, god will praise us for this.

    God is divine power who belives in it will always be benfited and who never belives in him will also be governed by him only. The fact is beyond the reach of mankind and no power can create life on earth other than divine power GOD.
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