God's mercy to Certain polytheist, evens at death. Verse from the Quran.

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    Here's is hope for Polytheist. Evens during Death Allah will help those Polytheist Allah's deems worthy of his mercy. That's how merciful Allah is.

    Surah An’am Verse 40-41

    Say: “ Think ye to yourselves,
    If there come upon you The Wrath of God,
    Or the Hour(that ye dread),
    Would ye then call upon
    Other than God?
    (reply) if ye are truthful!

    “Nay,- On Him would ye
    Call, and if it be
    His Will, He would remove
    (The distress) which occasioned
    Your call upon Him
    And ye would forget
    (the False gods) which ye
    Join with Him!

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