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    One lioness which was pregnant jumped on the herd of sheep's and it falls on the ground dies by deliver the cub. The cub is grown among sheeps and lives like a sheep by eating grass etc.

    Once another Lion notices the cub among the sheep's herd, goes to near and tells the cub that you are not a sheep to be here and you are like me. Cub does not believes so Lion takes cub to a open well and shows the image of both lion and cub in the water.
    By seeing the image it believes lion and leaves the herd of sheeps and joins the lion.

    Sadguru is like Lion human is like cub, sheep's are the material objectives. Sadguru comes to remind humanity to tell him that their life should not be spent in acquiring material objectives alone but remember that he is a human being and he should move towards his real goal of life.

    This the wonderful and simple story told by Katta Srinivasulu

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