Great Women Seers of Ancient India

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    Along with many wonderful sages we also have good number of female seers who made Mother India proud by the grace of Divine Mother Parvati who is known to be personification of Power (Shakti Swarupini) in the whole creation. These exemplary ladies were equivalent to their male counterparts in terms of sharp intellectuality and clarity in thinking. They do exhibited wonderful spiritual prowess which they accumulated through severe penance just like male seers of ancient Aryavat. Among them the most prominent ones were Gargi Vachaknavi, Lopamudra, Sage Ghosha and Maitreyi.
    Gargi who is better known as Gargi Vachaknavi was a daughter of a great seer Vachaknavi and belonged to the lineage of Sage Garga. She possessed wonderful intellect and understanding in the issues related to creation and there were many texts authored by her in respect to Brahma Jnana. She was popular as Brahmavadini. She had a sharp mind and possessed wonderful verbal ability. She was one among the Navaratnas in the court of King Janaka.
    Once when King Janaka performed Brahma Yagna he invited all the learned scholars, seers and sages. Sage Yajnavalkya was proved to be the wisest of all the learned sages who gathered in this respective assembly. Seer Gargi questioned Sage Yajnavalkya in topics related to Atma and creation. The spiritual exchange of knowledge between these two stalwarts made the whole assembly dumbstruck. Sage Yajnavalkya belonged to the superior order in terms of Vedic knowledge and was able to beat Gargi. Gargi at last accepted his superiority over her. The intercourse of words between these two was recorded in Yajnavalkya Samhita and stands as a wonderful example of Yoga sutras. Hence Gargi was a great Vedic Prophetess and an eminent scholar.
    Lopamudra who was better known as a wife of Sage Agasthya was created by him. He leaved her in the care of King of Vidharba. He raised her with utmost care and provided her with the best possible education. When she reached the marriageable age, Sage Agasthya came back and asked her hand in marriage. Being aware of the greatness of Sage Agasthya, king happily married her to him. Lopamudra as the name signifies who is free from all forms of negativities performed every duty with utmost devotion towards her husband. Lopamudra’s intelligence grew in her husband’s association and there were many recordings about the exchange of knowledge related to Rig-Veda between the couple which stand as a testament to the wonderful intelligence and verbal ability of a woman. In the course of time, they begot a son by name Dhrisamanyu who became a great poet.

    Seer Ghosha
    Ghosha belonged to the lineage of great sages like Sage Dirghatamas and Sage Kakshivat. Her parents and grandparents were composers of sacred hymns in respect to Ashwini Gods (Divine Physicians). She also was a great composer and a wonderful singer of hymns. She suffered with a kind of physical ailment similar to leprosy since her childhood which made her ineligible for the sacred custom of marriage as she was disfigured because of her ailment. She composed /authored a book which found to be expressions of her intimate feelings and longing desires of married life. She performed severe penance seeking the grace of heavenly Ashwins and composed many hymns with ardent devotion. Being pleased by the incessant devotion for three generations from the family of Ghosha, Ashwins applied the advanced science of medication to cure her ailments and made free from the disfigured physical body. This gave her the scope to enjoy the fruits of married life and had a fulfillment in life as woman.
    Seer Maitreyi being a wife of Sage Yajnavalkya was popular for her extraordinary intellect and was known to be a Brahmavadini just like Seer Gargi. Maitreyi composed 10 verses among the 1000 verses of Rig-Veda. She encouraged herself to have long conversations of high intellect with her husband and in a way contributed for sharpening the spiritual intelligence level of her husband just like Lopamudra. She was also sincere in performing austerities as a wife. Sage Yajnavalkya had two wives, one being Maitreyi and the other being Katyayini (daughter of Sage Bharadwaja). Katyayini was a woman of common intelligence and requested her husband to bless with children who will give fulfillment to her life as a woman whereas Maitreyi requested him to impart the superior most knowledge of the creation (Knowledge of Self or Atma). Accordingly, he blessed and fulfilled their wishes being an ideal husband. After attaining Atma Jnana, Maitreyi further requested Sage Yajnavalkya to enlighten her with the mantra of immortality. Sage was very happy with her inquisitiveness and blessed her as she wished.
    All the women we discussed now were absolutely brilliant and intellectually belonged to the high order who gave challenging time to their male counterparts. They stand as wonderful examples of learnedness of ancient Indian women which proves that Vedic knowledge was imparted equally to men and women. There was no gender bias in those days when it comes to acquiring superior knowledge.
    This article is credited to Smt. Rama Chintakunta)
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    Namastey garry420,

    Thanks for empowering on this. Because of these great Women seers and leaders Education of the Girl child is now a major and important topic in India.

    ~Hari Om
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    Jai shree Krishna
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    Thank you for this very informative article , Garry. :)

    In modern times, I would say Jaya Row is a similarly great Vedantist philosopher. Same too with Shree Anandmurti Gurumaa.
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