Hindu Baby Boy Names in sanskrit starting with H , I , J

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    Name | MEANING
    Hari | God Vishnu, God Narayanan, Lord Krishna
    Harinarayan | Lord Vishnu
    Harit | Green
    Himadri | Himalaya
    Hiranmay, Hiranmaya | Made of gold
    Hiranya | A precious metal
    Name | MEANING

    Inder, Indra | The god of weather and war, Lord of the devas
    Indra | Leader of the gods, The God of the atmosphere and sky
    Name | MEANING

    Jagadish, Jagadisha | God, Master of the Universe
    Jagathi | The earth
    Jagdeep | Lamp of the world
    Jagdish | God, Lord of the universe, The ruler of the world
    Jagmeet | Friend of the world
    Jahnu | Name of an Ancient Sage & divine King
    Jai | Conqueror, Defeater, The victorious one
    Javas | Quick, Swift
    Jay | Victory
    Jitendra, Jitender | One who can conquer Indra, Lord of conqueror, The powerful conqueror
    Jyotis | Light
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