Hindu Baby Boy Names in sanskrit starting with Q ,R ,S

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    Rahul | Son of Lord Buddha, Efficient, Capable, Conqueror of all miseries/sadness
    Raj | King, Rule, Kingdom, Monarch
    Rajan | King
    Rajendra | A mighty king
    Rajinder | The emperor, King of Kings
    Rajiv | Lotus Flower
    Rakesh | Lord of the night, Moon
    Ramesh | Ruler of Rama, Lord Vishnu
    Rameshwar | Lord of Rama
    Ranjit, Ranjeet | The delighted one, Victorious, One who is entertained
    Ravi | Sun
    Ritesh | Lord of Seasons, Lord of truth
    Rohan | Ascending, Sandal wood, Healing
    Rohit | Red, The sun's red light, First rays of the sun
    Rudra | The terrible, Lord Shiva
    Sachin | Pure, Lord Shiva, Existence, Essence
    Sameer, Samir | Early morning fragrance, Breeze, Wind, Entertainer
    Sanjay | Dhritarashtra's charioteer, Triumphant
    Sankara | Auspicious
    Sarvin | Best Archer, God of Love
    Satish | Ruler of hundreds, Victorious, One who speaks truth, Sati's husband, Lord Shiva, Sunrise
    Satyen | Lord of the truth
    Shankar | Lord Shiva, God Shankar, He who gives happiness
    Shantanu | Whole, A king of Hastinapura in the epic of 'Mahabharata', Father of Bhishma, Peace loving
    Shashi | Moon
    Sher | The beloved one or a Lion
    Shiv | God Shiva
    Siddarth | One who has accomplished his goal, Buddha
    Siddhran | Perfection
    Som, Somu | The moon
    Somnath | Lord of the moon, God Shiva
    Subhash | Soft Spoken
    Subodh | Sound Advice, Spiritual Intelligence
    Suman | Cheerful and wise
    Suresh | The ruler of the gods, Lord Indra
    Surya | The sun
    Suryakant, Suryakanta | Loved by the sun, Glowing, Good Looking, A jewel
    Sushil, Susheel | Good charactered man, Well-behaved
    Swami | Lord, Master
    Swapnil | Dream like, Seen in a dream, Dreamy

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