Hindu Baby Girl Name in Sanskrit Starting with N,O,P

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    Nalini = Lotus, Mother of the Vedas, Goddess Gayatri
    Nikita = Victorious, Unconquered, Earth, Ganges
    Ojaswini = Lustrous
    Omana = A woman
    Oormila, Urmila = Daughter of King Janaka of Mithila, The youger sister of Sita, Name of Lakshman's wife
    Opalina, Opaline = Jewel
    Padma = A lotus
    Parvati = Goddess, Wife of Lord Shiva, Durga
    Poornima, Purnima = Full Moon, The night of the full moon
    Pramila = One of Arjuna's wives
    Prasanna = Ever Fresh
    Preity = Affection, Love
    Prema = Love, Affection
    Priya = Dear One, Beloved
    Priyala = Honorable Beloved
    Pushti = Possessor of All Wealth, Goddess Lakshmi
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