Hindu girl Kidnapped by Islamic Goons in West Bengal

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    Tuktuki Mandal, a minor Hindu girl who is only 15 years old, became the latest victim of Islamic Kidnapping last month in West Bengal.
    Tuktuki Mandal is the daughter of a poor Hindu family of Khapur village in PO Kalikapota and under Magrahat PS in South 24 Parganas district. Magrahat is a sensitive/strategic area in South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal which, with a burgeoning Muslim population, is located not far from the India-Bangladesh International Border.
    Tuktuki has been kidnapped by one local Muslim predator Babusona Ghazi (18-year old son of Ramzan Ghazi) and his gang of 7-8 Muslim friends on May 4th 2015 at midnight. The goons violently ransacked their small house as a warning, when the victim and her family tried in vain to resist the kidnapping and screamed for help, before she was dragged away.
    Tuktuki is a bright student of Class 10. She is good in studies (even though her father Subhas Mandal is a very poor day-labourer). Her roll number is 6 in her class (which represents her top academic ranking in her Class 10). Tuktuki is expected to appear in Madhyamik (Class 10th Statewide) Examination in 2016. Her test exam was going on. She had completed 3 papers in that test exam. Then she was kidnapped.
    Babusona Ghazi's father Ramzan Ghazi is a law clerk and an influential person in the area. Moreover, this is a village in Magrahat block where notorious criminal Salim is 'the ruler' in true sense since CPI-M rule. Here in Magrahat, the common perception among the residents is : "Every crime is blessed and protected by Salim".
    After the CPIM lost power in W.Bengal to Trinamool Congress in 2011, this violent criminal Salim conveniently changed political sides and jumped into the lap of ruling Trinamool Congress and Mamata Banerjee. "To capture even a part of Muslim block vote, every political party has to support and protect these Salim-s":- This is a special feature of Muslim society in India and more so in West Bengal. So, how the hapless Hindu parents of Tuktuki can expect any justice from the administration?
    Although very poor, Tuktuki's parents are trying very hard to rescue their kidnapped daughter. Hence, they appealed to District Superintendent of Police (S.P.), National Commission for Scheduled Castes, State Women's Commission, Hindu Samhati President, etc. They even tried to approach the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee but they could not meet her at Nabanna (WB State Secretariat). But the Chief Minister's OSD (Officer on Special Duty) instructed the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), but with no effect.
    Tuktuki's mother is Sima Mandal. Tuktuki has a younger brother - Uday (class 8), and younger sister - Parvati (class 7).
    Since they are trying hard to recover the girl, her vulnerable family is facing regular threats and vile abuses from the elder brother of Babusona Ghazi. The Muslims are pressurising Tuktuki's father Subhas Mandal to withdraw his case.
    Subhas Mandal and his wife Sima were almost on the verge of breaking down completely (physically, mentally, psychologically and financially), because Subhas' daily labourer-work has almost been stopped due to their daily running from pillar to post. Hence Subhas has already taken a loan of 10 thousand rupees.
    Hindu Samhati helped this poor Hindu family with some money (3000 rupees till now). Then, as a result of this gesture, their morale has been boosted slightly. Activists of Hindu Samhati, including our President Sri. Tapan Ghosh, have met and promised the hapless parents that we will do our best efforts to ensure their daughter will be recovered.
    The police is absolutely reluctant to act and recover this minor-aged Hindu girl because they know that Salim is the kingpin behind this kidnap/abduction of this Hindu girl. Everybody knows the reality in Magrahat that "Salim is More Powerful than Police". Police too have got a taste of this reality time and again. Also, the police is rumoured to have been allegedly bribed by or politically silenced by the Muslim kidnappers, though we do not have concrete proof. So, forget arresting the kingpin Salim, the police has not bothered to even arrest the kidnappers or their low-level accomplices and relatives (who are aiding and abetting this crime against this young defenseless girl).
    We are trying our very best on the ground. We need your help too.
    We need 1 phone call from you to the following local officer(s) - in increasing order of seniority - requesting them to help recovering the girl immediately:
    1) Investigating Officer (I.O.) - Mr. Mrinal Kanti Sarkar. His cell number is: 0983 061 0664.
    2) Officer In Charge (O.C.) of Magrahat PS - Mr. Ashoktaru Mukherjee. His cell number is: 0973 282 8209.
    3) Sub Divisional Police Officer (S.D.P.O.) of Diamond Harbour sub-division under which Magrahat PS (Police Station) falls under - Mr. Rupantar Sengupta. His cell number is: 0943 387 7685.
    4) Superintendent of Police (S.P.) of South 24 Parganas district - Mr. Sunil Choudhury. His cell number is: 0740 700 6666.

    So, we request you to please make 1 phone call to the above officials TODAY. They speak English, Bengali and Hindi.
    For your handy reference, here are the case details:
    Victim - Tuktuki Mandal (15 years), daughter of Sri Subhas Mandal.
    Culprit - Babusona Ghazi, son of Ramzan Ghazi.
    Date of kidnap - 4th May 2015 Midnight.
    Case registered - 9th May 2015.
    Case no. 268/15 of Magrahat PS.
    Please request each officer to earnestly recover the minor girl ASAP. Her parents are losing all hope.
    Your 1 phone call carries a lot of influence and power. Please call and urge these police officers to help recover the minor female victim.
    If the officer asks you “From where did you get the info?", you can take name of Hindu Samhati and tell him that Hindu Samhati, a human rights NGO, is in touch of the victim's family.
    When you call any of the police-officials, please do not be hesitant or apologetic. As an Indian, it is your right to call the police officials as the taxes you pay ends up paying their salaries. On the phone, police officials are very polite. So, please do not be afraid of calling.
    In case, the police officer tries to be vaguely dismissive of this kidnapping by labelling it as another trivial case of "routine elopement", please remind them as follows: This is NOT a case of "Love Jihad" (Islamic Love Affair to Trap Hindu Girls by Elopement), but a Violent Kidnapping of this Minor Hindu Girl by Salim's Muslim Gang after Breaking into her Small House at Midnight.
    Each phone call will make a big impact on the future of Hindus in the border areas of Bengal and Bharat.
    As seen many times in the past, your 1-minute phone call will help recover the girl, build the morale of the local villagers and stop the flight/migration of defenseless Hindus away from the border areas, which will turn these areas into another Kashmir.
    Source: facebook.com/MatajiDevi/posts/10206960903727791
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