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    1: Pronounciation of "Om" in proper way- this process helps in inhaling maximum oxygen in body which is benfitial for body and health. Om the core of Indian culture ,the sound of universe. Shank phookana good for phephde(lung)&make strong.
    Gayatri mantra if practiced regularly and with proper way can do wonders. Gayatri mantra is a purely scientific thing. The words in the Gayatri mantra produce 24 kinds of vibration
    which has effect on the 24 glands of our body.
    2: Chandan (sandlewood) tilak or lining is applied on our body hot spot that is on forehead which cools our head and body, red is symbol of blood and haldi (turmeric) is antibiotic, sindoor (first know about it then use only)
    each religion has a tradition to cover there head while prayers it is just to cover the cephalic nurves to concentrate,and protect those nerves but in hindu culture only a pintch of vermillion is able to do that it keeps the users mind cool.
    Once BC Roy, the great CM of West Bengal before the commies took over, was working as a doctor when a patient standing in queue was pulled out by him and given emergency treatment. When other doctors asked how he knew that the patient was very ill, he replied that "the chandan tilak on his forehead was very dry. He was obviously suffering from a very high temperature".
    3: Keeping choti by men at back of head- it works like an antenna , which increses some sensitivity and protection to head joint
    4: Palmistry (Jyotishastra) is based on movement of planet.Every planet has its own effect on human body .Our body contain 70-80% water, which reacts like sea water to amavsya and purnima due to Moon & generates high & low tide similarly other planets elliptical movement also effects sea water & our body in similar way.
    5: Yog and Prayanam based most of birds and animals action and activities. Brammuhart me puja ya darshan ko sabase jyada mahavapurna mana kyoki niyamit yoga,prayanam,dhyan good for health,jaldi sona v jaldi jagna bhi
    Sleeping in straight position freely move blood in holl body karvat pe first five to ten minute on right handside then left handside good for stomach and digestion, to keep early hours is good for health
    6:Ganga's water contains maximum oxygen among Indian subcontinent rivers and Ganga's water remains fresh for longer time. Many Mughal Bhadshah drunk only Ganga's water.it also contains BACTERIPHAGES .these are the microbes which kills bacteria,that is the reasion,if we keep even muddy water of ganga ,for years ,it will stay fersh and will contain all its puripying proprties in it Nadi ya sarovar sikke (coin) dale jate hai ? kyoki puratan kal me coin Tamba(copper ) or mixed metal ka banta tha. purane coin pani ko shudh hone me madad karta hai .From ancient time copper ke bartan ka pani pina pachan kriya ke liye achha hota hai,iron pots are good for cooking purpose and health . vo dhatuvigayan ke jankar the adikal se.
    Jal Ardhya Samarpan to rising Surya. Water flowing in front of the person works like a prism and the separate colour rays reach the body, which gets benifited in many ways.
    7:pipal & Bard tree releases maximum oxygen among other trees. so we worship and protected
    8:Cow fleash is hot so it's flesh is not suitable for human being. Cow gives us milk, calf,ox and bull . Its dunkcakes (gober) is used as fertiliser and many other use
    cow ke gomutra ka aryurvedic dawai me bhi upyog hota hai , cow milk also best for newly born baby after mother's milk
    9:Shivling & Yoni symbol of maximum pleasure. Worship the nature,shakti(kanya).
    10:Varna Vvastha in its early stage was based on karm(work). Not by birth .
    11:Tulsi,Neem etc is medicinal plant. Datun of neem or babul good for teeth and health
    12:Ayurvedic medicines are made by part of plants and animals extract and it has no side effect on human body,or minimum.Few surgey also like kshar sutr for piles, bhagnder.etc
    13:Yagya & Havan help to cleans the atomsphere.
    14:Music&dance for pleasure and concentration.
    15:Sanskrit -In this language the words is written as its is pronounced.It may be use as computer language because it is perfect as java
    16:Fast, once in a weak,fortnightly or in a month is benefit for stomach & health.
    17. a) Balayakal- upto age 25- play, learn, live in displine at gurukul or ashram.
    b) Grasth- fr 25-50 enjoy the life ,live socially
    c) Vanprasth- fr50-75get rid of social, family resopbility
    d) Sanyas-fr 75 service of God and welfare of society
    18. Charan shaparsh - bade ke prati adar,physical exercise and touch therapy.
    19. Festival mostly based on starting or change of wheather -varshakal SAWAN mash , RAKSHABANDAN sheetakal DASHERA , DEEPAVALI on amavasya ,vasantritu MAKAR SANKRANT,POGAL,BIHU.LOHADI grishamkal HOLI,
    we may have played with artificial or some other colour but in past Holi colours were made from flowers like tesu,plants,leaves extracts which were very usefull for human body in this season (change of weather)
    20.Place of worship or mandir - ramnik ya pahad ke upar ke shthan ka chunav phir bhumipujan se pranpratitha tak bhajan v aradhana isase vahaka akarshan banta hai jisase vaha jane per man shanti v sukun milega, jo satkarm se badega v galatkarm se kamhoga,her mandir ke sath a school ,anathalaya or hospital hona chahiye jisase vaha sewa ho isase satkarm hoga evam chande v dan ka sahi upyog .vaishnav devi ,tirupti balaji ,kedarnath dham etc yaha hajaro sal se ashakha rishi,muni,yogi tap,dhyan kiya iska parinam hai ki yesi jagah shprena se yatri jate evam shukun v shanti pate
    21.Education - In Gurukul or ashram student away from home and parent ,so their concerntrate on study and activites .Like todays bording or hostal school
    22. Antim kriya - panch tatav se bana evam usime veelin sharir, no space problem, minimum pollution
    23. Joint family - security and care for elders,childern, good atmosphere no need of old age home(vradhha ashram) or jhulaghar
    24. Shadi - sawayamber process for choosing partner its mixture of love by candidate and arrange by parent for engagement like today's parichay sammelan then marriage .Marriage not between family member so restrictions on marriage in parental gotra(surname) to aviod hereditary disease.
    AND MANY MANY MORE THINGS So in Hinduism these all & others are worshiped,preached so we will remain in contact with it & save it

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