How a deviji from France became devotee of Shri Rama

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    I decided to write to you to share my story and to ask your help in finding Hindu people living in France. I started to follow Sanatana Dharma five months ago, when I was blessed by spontaneous love to the lotus feet of Shri Ram, after reading Shrimad Valmiki Ramayana. Lord Ram arrived in my life when I was almost thirty years old, I was atheist, full of carrier ambitions and practicing Patanjali yoga in order to enhance my mental and physical potential after massive burnout. I was sure no religion will ever work on me. But Shri Ram had conquered my heart very easily and in no time, filling it with tranquility, happiness and permanent feeling of protection, making me learning how to live from very beginning, slowly changing me with every day and never leaving me.

    No need to say I am feeling lonely in France as my heart is filled with love that rarely finds some comprehension here. I have found good internet friends in India and all over the world who are helping me in my path. From time to time I felt sad there is no Shri Ram Temple in my country. And very soon a miracle happened: I have met a person in Paris, Joginder Kumar Ji, who has the same dream: to see one day Shri Ram Temple opening in Paris. Mr Kumar does big efforts to make this dream come true, trying to organize Paris Hindu community around this project, as a result, we have acquired the appropriate building. We would like to invite everybody to participate in our project, because we are few active members on it, and lots of things should be done. We hope we are not the only Ram bhakts in France! Also, we are looking for Pundit ready to move to Paris to meet the needs of local Hindu community and, in perspective, to propagate the message of Sanatana Dharma in France. We are also humbly asking for guidance and experience sharing in the matter of management of future Temple from pundits, devotees and spiritual organizations in Europe and India who put in place the similar project.

    You are kindly invited to facebook page of our project :

    I also invite all Ram bhakts to become my friends (if you live in France it would be great!):

    Usually after telling a story people post their picture. But I don’t have beautiful photos in sari, I look just like common European lady. So I prefer to send you the picture of my Lord I woship, because for me He is the most beautiful.


    SitaRam dasi

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