How Adi Shankaracharya Defeated Buddhism ?

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    There was a time when India saw a downfall of the most prominent religion that had been followed in this country for ages and is still followed and that being the religion of Hinduism. The downfall was because of the emergence of Buddhism and Jainism the two religions which swayed the beliefs of many Indians, compelling them to think over and take a stand when it came to their religious belief, and the stand was taken via converting themselves to the religion which had succeeded in convincing them that it was the true path to reach almighty God.

    During this period and amongst all the chaos, there emerged a scholar which challenged the myths and the believes of these two religions, leaving little space for them to make a stand for themselves and with the help of the debates which were organised by him and his followers he made make of the Buddhist monks to convert themselves to Hinduism, that being the price of losing the debate. The great scholar was none other than AdiShankaracharya whose works and studies are still prominently believed throughout India, and who had the ability and the capability to answer the questions relating to Hinduism as the religion, and created a mark in the history not only for himself, but also helped Hinduism as a religion to take a stronger stand on the face of the earth.

    There was a time when Jains took the liberty of persecuting the worshippers of Lord Shiva, and hence emerged the need for someone who could control the situation and who with the help of wisdom would be able to show the true path of religion to the people of India, and that task was performed vehemently by AdiShankaracharya. Though in the beginning Buddhism strongly opposed the worshipping of idols, but gradually and as time passed their followers too fell into the trap of the same, with temples being build all over India. But during this time it was Adi Shankaracharya defeated Buddhism and was the one who roamed around the whole country arranging discourses and debates that would uplift the stand of Hinduism and its supremacy.

    AdiShankaracharya was born in Kerela which in those times was known as Kaladi, and if we believe the saying the childless parents after having prayed to Lord Shiva got a boon where they were given two choices, and they were “whether they want an average son who would live a long life or a son with extraordinary wisdom, but would not live a long life”, and both the mother and the father chose the latter and thence their son was born who was named after Lord Shiva as ‘Shankara’, which is one of the names of Lord Shiva. Shankara lost his father at a very early age, and due to which there was a delay in his education as well, but even after being a late beginner in student life, but at a very early stage itself, Shankara showed his scholarary skills by mastering all the four Vedas of the Hindu religion.

    During his promotional events or the debates or discourses via which he promoted Hinduism, he would pull the Buddhist monks in the debates and when they lost their ground they would have had to take up Hinduism as their religion and thus Adi Shankaracharya defeated Buddhism, since it was a matter of ‘maan’ which means prestige, wherein the defeated would have to accept the religion and the path of the defeater, and within a span of ten years words about AdiShankaracharya spread like wildfire and both the religions that is Buddhism as well as Jainism was on the verge of extinction, but however Buddhism still flourished in places like Sindh, the Afghan Border, Bengal as well as Nalanda.

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