How Can the Bible be True ?

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    a. Just like Muslims are blinded by Quran, Christians claim Bible to be the only message of God. That is why crusades were so violent. Both sides claimed themselves to be perfect and justified killing each other in name of religion.
    b. Bible comprises of Old Testament and New Testament. Old Testament contains stories prior to Jesus and New Testament contains gospels of Jesus.
    c. Now no one knows how the original Bible looks like. Some very old copies of Old Testament in Hebrew language are kept in Jerusalem. And there is no way to claim which New Testament is original. There are variety of translations in Greek, Latin and English but no one knows which is the original Bible.
    d. Also there being no tradition of memorizing Bible in various permutations, like Vedas, all that people have in name of Bible are scores of English translations which differ significantly from each other! Further various gospels of Bible have been supposed to be written by saints long after Jesus’ death and then translated by others. There is no means to ascertain which is authentic and which is not. That is why various sects of Christianity keep fighting with each other.
    If indeed Bible is a message of God, then God is extremely defective to have provided no means to protect the authenticity of Bible!
    e. Despite no evidence of authenticity, Christians claim Bible to be only word of God and only truth.
    Nowadays to fool people of other religion, they claim that other scriptures are half-truths but Bible alone is complete truth!
    f. Bible is full of contradictions, stories of incest and pornography and refuse to admit that women have soul! Till a few centuries ago, the only way Christianity thrived was through threat of Church power. But after advent of modern science, which emerged as a reaction to Church’s atrocity, no one now claims that Bible has anything to do with science.
    g. Though by birth people in many countries are Christians, hardly anyone takes Bible or its message seriously. Also since message of Bible is very unclear and contradictory, variety of liberal and conservative Churches have come up.
    A bit of googling will lead you to countless resources detailing inconsistencies, contradictions, intolerance, incest, vulgarity, denigration of women, immorality etc in Bible. You shall also find huge references that prove that there is no authentic Bible and that Jesus was an imaginary person created to fool people.
    For an analytical evaluation of Bible, please read carefully 13th chapter of Satyarth Prakash or Light of Truth by Swami Dayanand Saraswati.
    2. Original Sin
    a. Christians believe that the first sin was done by Adam and Eve due to mischief of Satan. Since then, all humans are born sinful!
    b. No one can explain why sin of my forefathers should be inherited by me even after thousands of generations! This squarely puts the blame on God as a defective whimsical dictator.
    c. Further, the sin committed by Adam-Eve was that they merely ate a fruit. So just because someone ate a small fruit, all his generations are being cursed to be sinful and face miseries! And they call God to be just!
    3. Redemption Salvation

    a. Christians believe that Jesus was sent to earth to free everyone from their sins, by facing the griefs of everyone who surrenders to Jesus and God!
    b. Thus even if someone is a rapist and murderer, his sins are pardoned if he accepts Jesus as his savior! This is one of the reasons why Christian society has so less moral taboos.
    c. Bible is unclear regarding how the sins of those who were born before Jesus, or those who die without reading Bible, or those who die in childhood or in wombs would be accounted for! Read the article “God must be crazy” to expose the loopholes of this fantastic story.

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