How Ganesh Wrote Mahabharata

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    The First Stenographer Lord Ganesha is the first stenographer that the world eve had, and he had taken down the largest ever book composed ii the world, viz. The Mahabharata dictated by Sage Veda Vyas who is revered as Lord Vishnu Himself~ The story goes thus:

    Sage Veda Vyasa had conceived the great theme of Mahabharata in his fertile mind. He developed the whole theme mentally, and was full with the great idea. He wanted to bring it out in writing so that others could study and benefit by it. As he was deeply thinking over how this could be done Brahmaji, the Creator, appeared in his ashram. Vyasa was thrilled to see the grandsire, and after worshiping and setting him respectfully, posed his problem to him. “1 have conceived this great poem, which I am sure will receive the adoration of the world. It will be expounding the imports of Vedas and Upanishads, it will cover everything in this universe. But I am not finding a scribe who can take it down as I expound it." Brahmaji praised the theme that Vyasa had conceived and said : 'Remember Ganeshji for this purpose After Brahmaji's departure, Vyasa sat in meditation and remembered Ganeshji.

    Immediately the merciful Lord appeared before him. Vyasa worshipped him and after seating him properly, placed his request before him : "Please be my scribe for this great poem that I have composed mentally." Ganeshji agreed, but on one condition. He said : "I will be your scribe if you assure me that my writing shall not stop even for a moment (waiting for your ideas to crystallize)." To this Vyasa said "One condition from my side also. You should not write even a single letter without understanding the import of the theme" Ganeshji consented, and so the writing of Mahabharata began.

    Vyasa first of all meditated on the Supreme Power which had manifested as Narayana and Nara and then on Saraswati the Goddess of Knowledge, and started the dictation by pronouncing the sacred mantra “0m".

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