How Many Hindu Gods are there?

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    There are many religions but God is one. He is omnipotent as well as omnipresent. There exist many different religions that vary from each other in terms of culture and creed. Some believe in idol worship and some do not. But the perspective of prayer remains universal all along.

    Today I will be discussing about Hindu religion. If you are a Hindu and if anybody enquires you regarding total number of Gods in the Hindus, you will definitely say “many”. Hindu is the only religion known worldwide for worshipping a wide number of Gods and Goddesses. Among all, you will be glad to know about Lord Ganesha, who is considered to be the first among the Gods to have a family.

    If you are little bit aware of general knowledge, then you must know that he is the youngest member of the family of Lord Shiva. Also, Lord Ganesha is treated as one of the cutest and dearest among all the deities according to the Hindu Mythology. There are also many tales associated with him, and the most popularly known is about preparing of statue by the mother and blessing the same with life.

    Finally, the statue turns into a graceful avatar of Ganesha who is fond of sweets. He is worshipped and remembered in the beginning of small as well as auspicious occasions. Some of the most prominent ones are:

    · Construction of office, shop, home.
    · Beginning of journeys to distant places
    · While going for an interview and examination as he is considered as the Lord of Wisdom.
    · The business houses, merchandise stores, fashion designers and other vendor shops never forget to put up wall hangings and paintings into the different parts of premises for further success.

    It is high time to gather a brief knowledge about the family members of Lord Ganesha. It is a matter of interest and will let you know something about Hindu culture and mythology along with little bit idea about the number of Hindu Gods. They are:

    · Shiva – Lord Shiva is known to be among the destroyers. One of the supreme along with Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. He is known to reside in the Kailas Mountains and is known by different names. He is known to bless the ladies to get a fit and suitable husband in future.

    · Parvati – Parvati is also known for her strength. She is the mother of Ganesha. She is considered to be the centre of the whole energy that prevails in the universe. She is also believed to be the second incarnation of Sati.

    · Kartikeya – Lord Kartikeya is the brother of Lord Ganesha. He is the popular deity among the people of South India. He is remembered when someone desires to reveal something old.

    · Riddhi and Siddhi –Lord Ganesha is considered to be a bachelor. Though he is believed to have two wives named Riddhi and Siddhi. Also he is assumed to have a third wife named Buddhi who represents wisdom.

    · Shubha and Labha – These are considered to be the two sons of Lord Ganesha. The former represents auspiciousness and the latter one represents profit.
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    Thank you for this post.

    I'm reminded of our vastness from it. Considering just Ganesha alone, his worship varies greatly throughout India and elsewhere. Ashtotarams, (a list of 108 names) for instance. will vary. What one priest will use will be different than another. There are various Puranic myths, and people who take Ganesha as a mystic Reality capable of helping with undue karma so much He gets incredible respect. So some devotees see Him as a version of Godhead, some see Him as symbolic of something greater, and others see it mystically.

    In the north, He is mostly in white marble, but the southern stated have Him using black granite. My local temple is a Ganesha temple, and he sits alone there, as a bachelor. Throughout India, in Maharashtra, the North and South, Ganesha shrines abound, and some are indeed very famous. He is the most widespread of all of our Hindu Gods, and never far away.
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    All gods and goddesses are manifestations of the supreme Lord Brahman.

    As the Atharva Veda states, " Great indeed are the devas who have sprung out of Brahman."
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    Basically there is only one god, the supreme(Adishakti), and all others are one or other forms of adishakti. they all are same, just different forms and structures. And it is believed that there are 33 crores god and goddess are there.

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