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    Religion is a way for people to be better people. I have been impacted by religion in a significant way. It has given me my own identity. religion has affected my life by inspiring me to strive to be as good of a person as possible, by teaching me to differentiate good choices from bad choices and by helping me to understand the world.

    In Hinduism, doing good deeds over and over through a few life-cycles helps us reach eternal bliss. This overall image helps me overcome desires to make bad choices that might give me short - term satisfaction, but will not help me in the long term.

    I have been going to Sunday religious school at the Hindu center since age 5 years and have learned about religious tolerance, respect for elders and ways to lead a fulfilling life. It has given me confidence to face life without fear, since I know God is looking out for me as long as I am on the righteous and honest path.

    I have been less interested in worldly goods and believe in simplicity in living. religion has taught me not to waste food or money, as I realize that there are a lot of people in the world who cannot even afford food and basic clothes. Volunteering my time, such as working at the homeless shelter, gives me personal satisfaction since it gives me a feeling as if I am serving God. It also helps me understand how blessed I am that I am living in the comforts provided by my family.

    I look forward to learning about other faith traditions to broaden my understanding of other religions through this interfaith youth camp.
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