How Shiva Became Niilakantha

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    One story Baba told is about how Shiva became Niilakantha. Later the Puranas (later Hindu mythological scriptures) heard this name and made up fraud stories to explain the name which literally meant "Blue Throat".

    Shiva's father was Aryan and was named Niila but he was not so fair even though he was Aryan. This was why he was given the name Niila by the Aryans who were very consciousabout skin colour and thus anyone who was not white was black to them. Shiva's mother was Oriental and was named Tuli. Even today in Arunachal and other areas where there are Indo-Tibetans, this name is used. Shiva's father had a love marriage that was a revolutionary marriage and hence they were shunned by the Vedic Aryans. But the Tantric non-Aryans accepted them.

    Shiva's father adored his son so much. He would never let Shiva walk but would always carry HIM. He would never even let HIM sit on the ground, he would always make HIM sit on his lap.

    When Shiva's father used to come home at the end of the day, he would be so filled with joy at the thought of seeing his son, that from far away, he would call out "Shiva, Shiva." All the way home, he would be calling out to his son joyously waiting to hug HIM.

    When everyone heard this, day after day, they started called calling Shiva "Niilakantha" as HIS name was always in the throat (kantha) of Shiva's father, named Niila.
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