How to develop Bhav (Spiritual Emotion)

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    1.) Prayer: Becoming humble in front of God and asking something with yearning is called a prayer. In a prayer a devotee's inability is expressed and he gives doership to God or Guru. A prayer must reflect respect, spiritual love, appeal and faith. Due to giving doership to God or Guru, an impossible thing becomes possible very easily due to Guru's Grace. Due to sincere prayer our action is done with spiritual emotion (bhav) thus we make less mistakes. Prayer reduces worries and increases contemplation. In a prayer we are requesting God therefore it helps to reduce our ego. If we pray every 10 minutes while chanting, slowly we begin to chant with spiritual emotion and then our chanting reaches God.

    2.) Gratitude: Another meaning of prayer is surrender(sharnagat bhav). The process of surrender does not complete without gratitude. We can keep a feeling that every breath we are taking or everything that is happening is possible due to God. Due to expressing gratitude we offer doership to God or Guru which helps to reduce our ego. In expressing gratitude we offer the fruit of our action to God thus we do not create give and take account and therefore the possibility of getting stuck in the cycle of life and death is reduced.

    3.) Chanting: If chanting is not done with spiritual emotion it does not benefit the seeker(sadhak). Chanting done with spiritual emotion reaches God faster. One must pray to God or Guru for the chanting to happen with spiritual emotion. When we love someone, we remember them all the time without any efforts just like a mother remembers her child. We must teach our mind to love God. Once our mind learns to love God, we remember His name easily. We must keep the emotion that God or Guru is getting the chanting done.

    4.) Talking to God: This is the highest stage of devotion. Anything good or bad, external or internal, everything is exposed to God. We must talk to God or Guru daily about our actions, obstacles, or doubts.

    5.) Satsang: Sat means spiritual purity. In spiritually pure atmosphere spiritual emotion is awakened faster.
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