How to find real spiritual guru in life ?

Discussion in 'Spiritual Forum' started by Ignorant, Nov 19, 2015.

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    Hello everyone,

    I have spiritual guru since i was at age of 15 and unaware about the concept and importance. I did meditate for many years but found nothing that could give me signals that my guru is present around me (as he had left his body before i got initiation ).
    Please some one guide me about spiritual guru.
    How to find real spiritual guru in my life ?

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    Having a guru is supposed to help you connect with God. If you know your purpose is to connect with God then you will need the presence of God around you. God is our creator. God created everything in this world including any guru. As much as it is useful to have a guru it is sometimes good to find your live for God from within yourself. Love yourself knowing you are made from God, be thankful and pray sincerely to god. God will bless you and you will be able to realize high ter potential within yourself. Sometimes the simplest person can bring inspiration, love and joy into your life. Likewise God bring unseen can build you up and help you seek whatever it is that you need. I wish you all the best in finding gods grace in your life. God is always there ... Maybe your guru isn't there anymore because God wants you to be closer with God than a guru Elbe used gods grace and wisdom is much more powerful.

    God bless you
    I love God
    I'm a child of God
  3. A Guru is a fully realized spiritual teacher. A perfected guru or spiritual teacher has, because of their sincerity, access to the source of transcendental knowledge. The knowledge he brings is not material knowledge, it is transcendental.

    A real Spiritual Guru is one

    1. who is a Go-swami (The master of the senses),
    2. who speaks and acts according to Shastra.
    3. who has received transcendental knowledge from a guru in a disciplic succession, starting from the Supreme personality of Godhead.

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