How to Find the Right Yoga Teacher ?

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    Hatha Yoga has become so popular, that its’ everywhere. There are many fine teachers to pick from as well. How to know who is right for you? Consider these thoughts:
      • Know what you want, such as improved health, flexibility, inner peace, strength, mental clarity etc.
      • Ask teachers about their qualifications, philosophy & teaching style. Choose a teacher who is well educated & experienced in Yoga philosophy as well as Hatha Yoga.
      • True teachers acknowledge their own teachers. They show a commitment to their personal practice & ongoing study.
      • Try out classes with different teachers & Yoga styles to find what works for you.
      • Does the teacher exhibit inner peace, equilibrium and treat you with respect & compassion? Are you challenged mentally as well as physically?
      • Notice how you feel at the completion of each class. Do you feel calm, inspired & more in touch with yourself?
      • Good teachers will refer you elsewhere (when you are ready).
      • Remember- Yoga is a gift to yourself.

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