How to pray? Ex Atheist

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Nena, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. Nena

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    I have never really believed in god. I was born into a luso brazilian catholic family,and was part of the church since my birth. I am even named after a saint. I went through my first communion. My family would tell me to pray for my guardian angel before sleep. Whoever,I never did it :rolleyes: and I also wouldn't like going to the church on sundays. It was boring. Eventually I turned into an atheist. :cool:

    After 5 years of being an atheist,I felt like I was missing something in my life. Then I felt the need to have a faith,because I was tired of being..nothing. Sooo I searched about buddhism,wicca(yepp),and so on. Hinduism was the only faith left. And I was like ''naaah that doesn't make sense at all o_O''. Whoever I fell in love with it because it wasn't what I though it was.

    Now I am trying to follow it properly,and I chant the maha mantra sometimes. I believe in the power of god and spirituality in general. But...
    I don't know how to pray.

    How's that? :confused: People do it so naturally(or at least it seems). I chant and I feel really good,whoever I still feel like I'm not doing things properly because I'm not ''talking with god'' and so on. When I try,it just feels weird and I stop. Can somebody help me? :(
  2. Senthil

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    There are many forms of prayer in Hinduism, Hena. There are specific prayers from the Vedas for specific things like long life, successful marriage etc.

    But by far the most common way is to stand or sit in front of an image of God in a temple or home shrine and clearly spell out your prayer mentally. Our Gods don't answer prayers unless it is dharmic, or if it something away outside your individual parabda karma. So the key is mental clarity, and then a bit of patience. On a mystical note, prayer is generally 'received' about 3 days later than the actual physical prayer. I don't know why, but that is generally the case.

    So praying for clarity, praying for health, for harmony are all really legitimate prayers.
    Best wishes on it.
  3. rahul malik

    rahul malik New Member

    According to me Nena you don't need to pray or speak any specific prayer. Firstly you have to make your mind and you should have to belive in hinduism to get inner believe in god.
    You can just simply close your eyes and you can pray in your heart "Om-Om-Om...." try this for few minutes and then when you open your eyes you feel very fresh and energized. keep this for few days and then start increasing the time gradually and then you starts feeling this deeper from your heart.

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