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    Every saint and religion says that Human life is an opportunity for the soul to go back to our original home that is God. Spirituality is like education to help us to go towards right direction to realise the God. So, we all are students when we accept this as goal of our life.

    Shri Ram Chandra Mission founder Shri Rama chandraji known as Lalaji says while pursuing this goal we dont neglect or ignore material world which is important during our existence in this world. They speak about Balanced Existence, according to them both spiritual and material life are like two wings of bird, so both spiritual and material life are important to lead a balanced and purposeful life. All the Masters of this mission have shown in their life that while leading Grihasta life they dedicated best part of time to serve the humanity to know and realise the God through simple and practical way of practice.

    May God bless all the humanity to pursue the real goal of life and lead a harmonious and balanced life.

    Katta Srinivasulu

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