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Discussion in 'Christianity Forum' started by Oxem, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. Oxem

    Oxem New Member

    I'm sorry, but under the title of Christianity Forum, it reads, Christianity Forum is an online platform for Interfaith dialogue to engage and explore various aspects of the faith. We invite everyone to discuss their opinion on Christianity.

    Unless you are suggesting that isn't an honest statement for the forum? Perhaps you missed that clear statement of purpose for this section of The Hindu Forum?

    Question one was posted here and question two was posted here.

    I've done nothing wrong. I am following the rules of the forum but if the rigors of this discussion are too much I will ease up.
  2. Aum

    Aum New Member

    well you cannot judge anything true until or unless you have experienced it..hinduism is all about experiencing facts..even veda's say that don't believe in me until u have reason and logic to believe it.
    Truth is not true because someone believes its truth...its truth coz it really is truth..and illusive belief based on a mere book or by saying of any person does not make it truth..
    I just said that i will accept it as a confined truth for a person who have never experienced it :)

    Man first Jesus was human and i feel i am better then him...i can prove that..
    next just answer this link below and then we can proceed over the pinnacle of all human history
    Jesus a Hindu ?
    well ask me similar question..i say bring down all Hindu gods, temples , all holy books and believe me Hinduism will still exists ...coz its not religion its gods expression in mankind which is not a slave of any book or any one person..it doesn't need any man made thing..
  3. Aum

    Aum New Member

    bratha, we shouldn't worry about such things..coz we stand by dharma , we should always defend our beliefs irrespective of anything.
    Believe me I have been debating since orkut days with Christians and they have no base to defend..you exclude one man and they are no where :)
    But my soul aim is to enlighten people about facts...I have seen most staunch missionaries coming to self (sanatan dharma) hence no worries .
  4. Oxem

    Oxem New Member

    I wasn't trying to rock the boat or cause trouble.
  5. Senthil

    Senthil Active Member Staff Member

    Obviously that is exactly why you are here. Do you actually think we are that foolish to believe otherwise?

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