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    Why would the almighty God in the buy-bull has to kill his only son in order to forgive us our sins?

    who did he killed his son for? you mean to tell me God killed his son to be happy so he can forgive us our sins?

    couldn't the God in the buy-bull forgive us our sins without killing his own son?

    Why would the God in the buy-bull has to kill his son but not satan who caused all the problems?

    why did the God in the buy-bull killed millions of people including innocent children and animals but never killed satan?

    why in the bible satan never killed a single person but God killed millions of people?

    why would God create satan while he know he would be satan?

    where did satan got his powers from?

    why didn't God took the powers from satan before sending him to earth?

    why didn't God in the bible gave satan one of the planet but sent him here where his children are living so satan can temp us and then God get angry and burn us in hell?

    without satan won't we know he God exist? and if God want us to worship him alone why didn't he created us as such without any satan?

    what did jesus came here on earth for? to die for our sins? ..if so why didn't we returned back to the garden of Eden?

    why are we still suffering from the curse he cursed us if jesus has already died to eliminate all the sins?

    why would women have to be pregnant 9 months and men have to suffer before eating?

    didn't God in the buy-bull know Adam and Eve will eat the fruit in the garden?

    if he knew why did he got angry and cursed them?

    why would God in the bible has to put a tree in the garden knowing fully well they will eat it?

    if he coudidn't forgave them for just eaten an apple how can he forgive us our heinous crimes and take us to heaven?

    where was the garden of eden? heaven or earth?

    if on earth why did buy-bull later said he threw satan from heaven to earth?

    we know the letter "J" Is only 400-500 years old and buy-bull written 1600 years ago,so how did we got the name jesus?

    why is jesus not answering our prayers as promised, ?why can't Christians pray for now so I will believe in their God but tell me I have to change myself? isn't jesus powerful to change me if he indeed God and not an imposter?

    I believe in God but the God in buy-bull and Quaran are not the one who created this universe.

    this is why I don't believe in religious God’s..they are all created by Europeans to control the mind s of the masses..you don't need a book to know God.

    love your neighbour,do good help others,respect everyone and when you die you don't have a problem.
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    i m spiritual too :)
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    yes being spiritual is very good. Spirituality teaches you to live with humanity, peace and love with each other. Always help each other and see each other in terms of spiritual behavior rather on basis of religion.
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    Read Neeta Singhal’s spiritual blogs on Spiritual Awakening, Self Development and Mythology of Hindu festivals. She teaches Spiritual Awareness and Meditation.

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