I may not be an ardent supporter of BJP, but I am an ardent supporter of Modi

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    I may not be an ardent supporter of BJP, but I am an ardent supporter of Modi. I am 53 years old and I placed my faith in Modi and returned to work in India.

    In 1993 I returned for the first time as a 30 year old, and tried to set up a perfume factory a project in collaboration with a French giant. I bought MIDC land in Taloja, and went through the whole red tape, but in late 1995 I found out that i would not get alcohol license unless i part with a huge bribe. The amount asked was such ridiculous one that I gave up the idea and went back to work abroad.

    Again I have returned full of hope, and this time, I have not paid a single pai and things are moving well enough for me to get into production in summer of 2016, in a entire new field for me, where I am bringing a new technology in India, compared to nineties there is a huge difference. Everywhere I go, people tell me what has happened in last one year, how things have been made easy.

    People when they talk of make in India, they think about corporations and Multi nationals, but make in India is also about people like you and me. I have dared to dream under Modi, because he said, the policy that works for a Adani, would work for anyone else....and I feel its true.

    Trust me, I have risked investing in a sector which is dead and has negative growth as of now, but I trust the new technology and the ease that Modi has provided for me to come home and work.

    So whether I succeed or fail, that is fate, I could attempt doing what my dream is, that too in India...has come because of Modi........

    So any doubts, why I should not be his ardent follower?

    ~ Vikram Sood on Quora

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