I want to preserve my Hindu bloodline in North Waziristan

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    "My name is Jamila, and together with my children, I am the last Hindu survivor of my ancestors, who have lived in Waziristan for far longer than a hundred years. I was married into a family here in around 1947, to my husband, whose family has lived here for as long as they can remember.

    When all my family elders passed away in our large family home, I was the only one left with my children. I married my son to a beautiful girl, and we now have a small family with my children and grandchildren. We miss our small Mandir (Temple) back home, where we worshiped peacefully, celebrated our Divalis and did our chores. It's the place where I want my children to continue their lives as long as they can.

    In recent times, we lived alongside the Taliban and had no conflict with them. They knew about us and actually helped us if we were in trouble, if we were harassed. We know there have been attacks on other Hindus in other parts of Pakistan and that makes me very sad and very fearful. I also feel insecure for myself and my children here in Bannu – or anywhere in Pakistan. We were much more protected in the tribal village where we lived, but we don't feel safe outside of our hometown.

    If I am not able to go back and preserve our family, I will have failed my ancestors. I want to call out for help to the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan and all the leaders in the world who are committed to helping minorities in my country, to help us go back. I want to go back home, to my village, where I grew up, got married, raised my children and buried my husband. I want to be buried next to him in my village.

    I am sick and old and will wither away soon. My spirit is still back home, my memories are there, and being far from home is making me more ill. Going back is my only medication. I wince at the thought of deserting the only home left of all the Hindus who ever stayed and survived the trials and tribulations in Waziristan. Please send me back home."

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