If interconnectedness is the essence of Vedanta, how that state can be applied to modern day's life?

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    1) Students can at once apprehend physics, chemistry, and mathematics in the universal context where one law is valid for one aspect throughout the universe.
    Where a molecule is understood as the core material with which different chemicals form to give a specific form.
    Where an atom can explain the multitude of expressions of matter for which we like to give different names so that we can imprison them in each and every visible form.
    2) People can feel compassion for each other, seeing a parcel of themselves or a reflection of themselves in others.
    3) Working people, business men, women, in the “ashramas” of "ARTHA, KAMA" can understand that even a simple act of love has a universal law beneath it that is the urge to populate the earth.
    4)The flow of money which is only natural when it passes from one person to another and this interdependence is naturally symbolized by GODESS LAKSHMI. Here too, money should be viewed in this universality, in its global context so that we can break the narrow prison mind set of considering money as something to be domesticated and imprisoned inside four walls but understanding its real function which is to share what we produce with others in a fluid and unfettered manner with money coming as a byproduct (not the primary goal) in this process of universal flow of sharing human productions and creations.
    What is the law that we can derive from this understanding? THAT to become rich, we should share our creations with the maximum number of persons. Just meditating on this concept can reveal us the golden laws of life.
    5) Knowledge too should be shared to be in sync with the law of universality that we call "dharma», embedded in it. Even in modern times, the "interconnectedness» of beings, things and qualities are relevant. When people share knowledge through internet, it is in sync with this 5000 year old principle.
    6) When barriers are broken, connections are freely established with each other.
    What are those barriers that may hinder communication between people?
    They sprout form desire unlimited (kama) that in turn gives birth to:
    Anger (krodha), passion (moha), greed (lobha), infatuation (mada), and enmity (matsarya). (6 natural enemies dwelling in human minds = arishadvarga).
    To this list, we can add very well modern maladies like competitiveness in MNCs, aggressiveness, Macaulay induced inferiority complex causing compensating mind of superiority complex, intellectual pride and prejudice, jealousy, egocentric individualistic, monotheistic western influenced arrogance and narrow mind set.
    To make a long story short, anything that may curtail that "interconnectedness" or that intense communication based on selfless love and compassion for the other and develop barriers, divisions, tendency to retain money or knowledge for oneself , uniformity, standardization and that may kill diversity should be avoided. Any idea or feeling that pulls man back to his cave and prevents him to reach other by sharing what he has, what he knows or simply what he is.
    7) When we meditate on this principle of “interconnectedness”, visualizing how “one” can become “multiple” and how jivatma and paramatma are one and the same even though the former is inside a body, we can transcend body, space, time limitations.

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