If it is not the world, what is the real source of Happiness?

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    We saw that the human being has forever been searching for security and happiness from the people and objects of the world, but never succeeded. But is there any other source. Is there a parmanent and eternal thing that can give this much needed security peace and happiness. At this point the scriptures surprise me and say that there is something timeless and ever lasting source. Naturally I want to know where is that permanent source of security peace and happiness. Satras again drop a bombshell saying that that resource is not far away in Vaikunta or Kailas, it is YOU yourself, YOU the seeker is the sought. And that is the reason for not coming across the nityavasthu. Searching for missing specticles my mother used to search all over except on her forehead. And Like in the story of tenth man Where The leader of a ten member team was taking the head count and could locate only nine boys until a passer by reminded him to include the leader himself in the countnt. Likewise, the Sastras point out the jeeva being covered with ignorance searches all over except within himself for that source of parmanant security and happiness.

    This revelation by the sastras is startling and nice to hear. But still difficult to accept, Because all the time I have been looking at myself as a perishable insignificant human being, and now the sastras say that I am nitya or eternal source of ananda. So I have to find out whether I am Anitya as I understand or I am Nitya as the sastras say. And whenever you are in doubt what is the remedy, a thorough systematic study and analysis into the subject. So now I have to study about myself, that is what sastras call Self Enquiry or Atma Vidya.

    Now how to do that Self enquiry, that is the question. The problem is that all my instruments of knowledge are designed to see the objective world. The eyes can see everything in the world but cannot see themselves, except with the help of a mirror. Similarly here also I need an external help and that is called Guru Sastra Darpana, darpana means a mirror. So the sastras say that one should necessarily go to a Guru and study Sastras systematically for a length of time.

    Srikrishna repeats the same message in gita, “Your aim and goal in life must be enquiry into your real nature”. Do I require peace from outside or is my very nature peaceful. Do I require security from outside or am I the ever secure Atma. Do I require happiness from outside or can I tap it from myself?Unless you learn to be independent you will be in sorrow for ever. Therefore the goal of everyone must be independence,total freedom fulfillment, poornatvam called Moksha. And our wonderful scriptures guide us to discover our inner self the real source of security peace and happiness.

    Hari Om.
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    the real happiness is what makes the person to get rid of all the attraction and love from the relative and friends and totally dedicated to god. When a human being stops thinking about the society, the world and gets inner deep satisfaction in worshipping god, when he feels immense pleasure for doing all good spritual things like helping poors and needy ones etc.
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    These words happiness and unhappiness are the cause of their dualistic intertwined play. Liberation is peace. Om

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