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    A lecturer in Government College will teach you the syllabus and at the same time acts as the invigilator, valuer of the paper etc. and finally you are getting a valued degree from the college. Similarly, the Lord acting as Guru preaches the spiritual knowledge, guides you practically, tests your knowledge in practice and finally gives you the suitable divine fruit.

    A teacher conducting tuition home is just teaching you and is not connected to the examination, degree etc. Similarly, a human being acting as Guru preaches you the spiritual knowledge and not concerned with your practice and its fruit. The human guru may be able to deliver the knowledge of Satguru (Lord acting as Guru) as it is, but cannot clarify your doubts in the practical field as effectively as Satguru does. If you are hearing the speech through a tape recorder, the clarification of doubts is not possible. Even in the speech, some parts may not be clear to you due to the defects in your grasping power only. The human guru serves as a messenger of the Lord only. He is just like a postman. So, the guru you referred in the Sanskrit verse uttered by you means only Satguru.

    However, Satguru is not frequently available. Still the Lord will clarify your doubts through some body since the Lord has the super power. So, you need not worry that your doubts will be remaining without clarification in the absence of Satguru. The Lord is always ready to explain your doubts either directly or indirectly. If you deserve to go to the upper level, you will certainly rise to the upper level by the direct or indirect guidance of God.

    However, if you are not capable of rising to the higher level, what is the use of even meeting Satguru directly? Therefore, you should not worry about the availability of Satguru. You should worry only about your spiritual progress to rise to the higher level and you must concentrate on removing the hurdles in your spiritual progress.

    As per Gita, intelligence is the driver of the body. But if the intelligence is not equipped with sufficient knowledge, it cannot take decisions. If the body is driven by mind, it goes by emotions. So first we have to acquire knowledge to strengthen the buddhi. Then it can take right decisions. Without acquiring the true divine knowledge, how one can identify a guru?

    The Gita is a mixture of the intelligence of the Lord (Guru buddhi) and the intelligence of Arjuna (Atma Buddhi). Thus Jnana yoga is the interaction of the self with the super-self. The Gita is not simply preaching of Krishna like a non-stop express train. It is the series of answers given to the enquiries of Arjuna. Thus the Jnana yoga becomes the knowledge with relevance to the soul.

    Hanuman stands as an example like a mountain for knowledge, devotion and service. The knowledge of Hanuman was over even before meeting Rama. The devotion rose like a Tsunami when He met Rama. Thus both the knowledge and devotion are in hidden state in Hanuman. The entire Ramayana of Valmiki, especially the Sundara Kanda, relating to Hanuman is simply concentrated on the service of Hanuman to the then human incarnation. The service (karma yoga) cannot result without devotion (Bhakti yoga). The devotion cannot be generated without knowledge (jnana yoga).

    Rukmini heard about all the details of Krishna (Jnana yoga) and developed terrible attraction (Bhakti yoga) to attain Krishna by such knowledge. Her devotion is selfless and her attraction to Krishna was not to become the queen of Dwaraka. She wanted to be present at the feet of Krishna and press feet continuously & her aim was such service (karma yoga). karma yoga implies the existence of Bhakti yoga & jnana yoga already.

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