In Vedic days there were 8 or more ways to get a child.

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    1) Test Tube babies or Test Tube Baby - ("Pleased by the sacrifice and the praises, Mitra deva( Sun ) and Varuna deva(Air) effused into the Vasativara vessel the "Fluid of Birth" from which arose Agasthya and Vasishtha".

    The 100 kauravas at the time of Mahabharata 5100 years back were all test tube babies, Virja/sperm... was preserved in 100 pots which gave birth to Durdhoyana & his 99 brothers.)

    2) Physical (Male/female mates)

    3) Adoption

    * (These 3 are common even today)

    4) Havanas - Draupadi (Queen of Akhanda Bharata) & draupad who appeared from the fire after few vedic hyms.

    5) Boons - Pandavas, Karna appeared by a boon given to mata Kunti.

    6) Fluid preserved or transferred by diffrent modes/ways, eg. Hanumanji took birth from a Virja of Lord Shiva, Transferred by Pawan dev to mata Anjanis womb. (Hanumanji is also called pawan putra, Shivas incarnation & Kesari nandan)

    Such incident also happened with lord Brahma whose Virja was transferred by Agni dev who gave birth to 80 Sages) Many such incidents are mentioned in Vedic Scriptures.

    7) By Churning of King Veenas leg Bahuka took birth who formed the Nishad Dynasty (Eklavyas dynasty) & Lord Prithu (Ansha avatar of Krishna who got food on this planet) he came from Kings Veenas Thigh atlast. Earlier at the time of creation from Lord Vishnus navel Brahma took birth, from Brahmas Agya chakra Lord Shiva took birth, from Brahmas nose Lord Varaha took birth. etc

    8) By Austerities - Lord Kapildeva, 49 Divine sons of Deiti mata were all born by austerities & many such.

    (If one got faith in Lord Vishnu they can perform these austerity & child can be born even in Kaliyuga by doing these austerities like Pumsam Vrat, Proyo Vrat, etc - Details can be found in Scriptures like Bhagwatam )

    The Science of how a Child is born in a mothers womb which was known to the Mordern Science just recently, we had a complete break up on childs Birth by Bhagwan Kapil dev to his mother mentioned in our 5000 years old Scripture The Shrimad Bhagwatam,

    Shrimad Bhagwatam Chanto 3 Chapter 31

    The Supreme Lord said: 'Because of its karma the living entity as ordained by God through the particle of semen of a man enters the womb of a woman in order to dwell there for obtaining a body.

    (2) On the first night the sperm and ovum mix, at the fifth night there is a bubble and in about ten days it is thereafter like a plum, lump of flesh or an egg.

    (3) Within a month a head appears and within two months limbs like arms and feet form. The nails, [the beginnings of] hair, bones, skin, reproductive organs and the apertures appear within three months.

    (4) In about four months the seven ingredients separate [body-fluids and other elements], in five months feelings like hunger and thirst occur and in six months the fetus starts to move around at the right in the amnion [males at the right, females at the left so one says].

    (5) From the nutrition taken from the mother the body of the fetus grows as it stays in that impossible hollow whereabout stool and urine form a breeding place for germs.

    (6) All the time aching for food, it is, being so tender, affected by infestations ['worms'] and thus all over its body has to suffer a great deal residing there, moment after moment lapsing into unconsciousness.

    (7) The living being because of the excessive bitterness, heat, pungency, saltiness, dryness, the sour etc. of the food taken by the mother, is affected in every limb and thus feels pain.

    (8) Enclosed by the amnion in that place surrounded by the intestines it lies with a bent neck and back arched with its head in its belly.

    (9) Like a bird in a cage with no freedom of movement, it [the soul] still remembers - when it is lucky - what has happened in all its hundreds of births. Remembering such a long history it may sigh over them, for what peace of mind can it then achieve?

    (10) From the seventh month on it is endowed with consciousness, but at the same time pushed down by the pressure of the womb where it cannot stay, just like the worm stemming from the same belly.

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    So you mean to say that test tube babies existed at that time as well.
    Strange world doesn't know about this fact.
    I would share this post :)

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