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    Indian Astrology is oldest system of astrology. As per Indian astrology every moments in our life is based on position of celestial bodies at place of birth, time of birth and date of birth. Indian astrology is very regrated and ancient as the oldest system of astrology known to mankind. According to astrology the movement of celestial bodies influences our lifecycle and has great impact on every single aspect of our life.

    Indian Astrology is totally based on the ancient Vedic Astrology made on Vedic principles that is nearly 7000 years old. According to Indian Vedic Astrology the Universe is moving and not fixed and the horoscope adjustments in these systems is made in view of that. This story is real story and it followed by more then 7000 years.

    According to indian astrology we belives sun is the basic need of and we cant immagine our life without sun which is true. Yoga, meditation, prayer is also a part of indian astrology and they all helps to remove doshas of our life and its also a way to go for moksha. we all know dosha and moksha is one of the most important part of human astrology and they all are the part of indian astrology. Indian astrology is truly help saul to meet with end part of life that is god and they all gives a right way to live right life.

    The branches of indian Astrology : -

    •Gola: Gola is positional astronomy
    •Ganita: Ganita is mathematical diagnostic tools for analyzing the results of Gola
    •Jataka: Jataka is a natal astrology
    •Prasna: Prasna is a answering specific questions based upon the time the question is asked
    •Muhurta : Muhurta is selecting an auspicious time to start something
    •Nimitta: Nimita is omens and portents.

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