Indian Culture is Nature Friendly

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    People of India shows their respect to nature by worshiping various plants, animals, stones, mountains, and rivers. Hinduism is known as a culture of " Gau, Ganga, and Tulsi ". Gau means Cow; Ganga is a river and Tulsi is a herb plant.
    Yoga and Ayurveda are totally based on nature; which connect human with nature. There are many festivals related to various plants and trees such as -
    1. Vat savitri festival or Vat purnima is related to Banyan tree. Married Hindu ladies worship the Banyan tree for a long and happy married life.
    2. Peepal purnima is related to Peepal tree. The Pineal gland’s secretions of humans make their brains alert and alive. The chemical found in this secretion is also found in the Pipals’ juice according to scientists and hence it is called the Bodhi Vriksha.
    3. Neem tree- The tropical evergreen Neem Tree (Azadirachta indica) is a manifestation of the Mother Goddess Durga. The tree is Herself a goddess called Neemari Devi. Neem is worshipped most intensely in southern India.
    4. Kadam tree- The Hindus also worship the Kadam tree, because Shree Krishna used to sit and play under this tree.
    5. Vilva tree- Lord Shiva patronizes the Vilva tree as the only tree, which has three, leaves that sprout together like a trident. The juice of the leaves is a relief to the Diabetics, and the pulp of the fruit is supposed to stop diarrhea. The fruit called bel was a favorite of Lord Shiva.
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