Indians, the ancestors of Humanity!

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    Indians the ancestors of Humanity, the conclusion based upon science!

    So far Scientists have been reiterating Modern human was born in Africa, and they migrated everywhere. However, there is a very serious point to ponder when science says whole Europe, Australia, America are born from mtDNA haplgroups M and N rooted and present in India. Researchers reluctantly came to conclusion everybody else except Africans came out from India.

    As per the earlier studies on mtDNA haplogroups, scientists say oldest mtDNA Eve is L (born around 150-160k years ago in Africa which gave birth to) → L1 → L2 → L3 (daughters) and these L are concentrated only In Africa.

    L3 then splits into N and M lines

    N was born near Gujarat and Baluchistan, and M deeper in India

    ( N and M are genetically rooted in India if it is assumed L3 was migrated from India to Africa)

    India has the deepest variety of M lines dated to 75k years

    From India M spread in Central Asia, Australia, New Guinea

    N had a daughter lineage R, born in India 65 K years ago

    (R is genetically rooted in India)

    R had several daughters

    U in India, splitting up into several U lines

    U5 is the ancestor of kurds, armenians and basques and dates to 50k years!

    U6 migrated to North African coast

    R had another daughter HV, dated 40K years ago

    and HV migrated to Europe!

    N had a daughter I , dated 33K years

    who migrated to Europe!

    R had a daughter J/T who migrated out of India

    20K years ago!

    This way, researches reach to the conclusion everyone except Africans came out from India, originated from Indians, however Indians were born from African eve's daughters. In fact, many denied and ignored the importance of India and said India was home to none, and the mtDNA eve was originated in Africa, this belief in scietific community became so profound that it became a blasphemy to contradict that Modern human eve was not originated in Africa, but elsewhere!

    Now Lets dig more Truth which is being ignored: -

    If the world's population from Europe to Australia and America arisen from mtDNA haplogroups routed in India, then why can't we think L1, L2, L3 (originated 150k years ago) found in African tribes were originally born in India and they migrated to Africa and with this assumption that their senior-members died in India?.Because M and N which gave birth to whole world are not found in African haplogroups.

    Moreover, L3 doesn't not look like originally African.

    There was Mountoba volcanic eruption 74000 Years ago, in which 40 original lineages of humanity were wiped out, with no traces left, and the main brunt was on India, it is thought only 200-1000 people were survived in India. Those which were survived were L0, L1, L2, L3 in Africa, and M and N in India. Since the main brunt was on India, so L0, L1, L2, L3 which are now found in Africa might have been completely wiped out from India, and only M and N were left in India.

    Thus, total 6 lineages are there and 40 died out in India, therefore it is a possibility that the oldest DNA could be originated in India, not in Africa, however completely wiped out with no traces left here in India.

    AND TO SURPRISE for ALL OF US: Scientists have found so far the oldest skull of the modern-man in this world from the Narmada valley in Madhya Pradesh, India, known as Narmada-Man. And this was the oldest homo-sapiens around 250k Years old found anywhere in the world indicating this was the ancestor of the humanity (The Indians are the ancestor of Humanity). Again one more skull around 160k years old found in Madras. This shows mtDNA eve was not born in Africa, but in India, and more older than 150-160k Years old found in Africa.

    Again, Taurus Angularis is present in all modern humans and in Narmada Man of India and all Indians, but not in older African skulls, thus Indians become the ancestor of humanity.
    1) All older African skulls lack Taurus Angularis
    2) Therefore, Africans are therefore not likely to be our ancestor, only Indian can be.
    3) Rhodesia Man (160k years) has it, but the researcher Malasse Dabricourt who researched and said all these, postulated Rhodesia Man is just only exception and he reached Africa from India (because Taurus Angularis is not found in any other African skull, but all Indians have it and Indians are more older).

    Arguments of later part (this ------- on wards) taken from the video:
    (must see an hour long video)


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