Indonesia Ramayan Presented in Open Air Theatres

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    Travelers to Yogyakarta, Central Java, should not miss the Ramayana Grand Ballet Performance in a moonlit open-air theatre. The two-hour epic performance is presented at least three times a week in the peaceful evening atmosphere around the spectacular Prambanan Temple.

    Prambanan temple is Indonesia's biggest and most beautiful Hindu temple situated some 17 kilometers east of Yogyakarta - about 20 minutes drive from the city. Its parapets are adorned with bas-reliefs depicting the famous Ramayana story. The performance in the open-air theatre certainly provides an unforgettable experience. The carefully lit temple provides a spectacular backdrop against which the drama unfolds, with a canopy of stars above. The Ramayana Ballet Performance involves hundreds of artists, dancers and musicians. They perform the famous classic story of Ramayana, accompanied by gamelan musical orchestra.

    Rama lives in their midst with no questions being asked.

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