Inspiring Story Of How A Westerner Embraced Hinduism

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    The person in this picture is from Lima ,Peru (South American ).His name is SERGIO VILLAVISCENCIO.He is a drum player by profession and he embraced Santatan Dharma after being attracted to the ritual of Hindu Cremation.

    The story of how he reverted to Hinduism is mind -blowing.He came to Varanasi as a tourist in 2010.He saw dead bodies being burned on Harishandra ghat and Manikarnika ghat and this made him very curious about the ritual.So he went and asked the priest who was performing this ceremony about the reasons of doing these rituals.He became interested that very moment in Hinduism when he came to know the reason behind why Hindus cremate their dead.He came to know how a person gets moksha (liberation of soul) and the scientific reasons behind these rituals.He became convinced that very moment that he would be following Hinduism for the rest of his life.

    Then he returned back to his native country and after a few months his father expired.Then he decided that he would cremate his father according to Hindu rituals and not bury him according to Christianity.Apparently he wanted his father to attain Moksha.His mother ,brothers and all family members including his neighbors were against his decision.His own wife was also dead against his decision to cremate his father.But he was adamant and went iin search of Hindu priest to do the final rites according to Hindu customs.He finally found after lots of effort and cremated his father where all the rituals were followed perfectly.Then his uncle also expired and he did the same Hindu rituals for him also.Then he kept the ashes of both of them safely with him.Last Tuesday he came to Varanasi again and immersed the ashes in Holy Ganga.

    Respecting our dead and honoring our ancestors is a very important tradition of Sanatan Dharma.There are logical reasons for every ritual we do when we cremate the dead.This is first time we are hearing where a person embraced Hinduism after being enchanted by the rituals of Cremation.

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