Inter-caste sex, Judgement Day By Roddam Ananda Vasista, PhD.

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    All of organized society trumpets the tremendous growth of a once-unheard of phenomenon in India...the appalling surge in the number of inter caste/ mixed couples and their inter-caste offspring. Movies, television, magazines, newspapers, ministers and popular music all promote this new mixing of the bloods.

    What is behind this great wave of inter-caste breeding? Is it good for India, the Brahmin Caste or your children? Are there ulterior motives behind this massive campaign to boost this previously forbidden activity? Is it something that responsible citizens should promote or oppose?

    As late as 1900, mixed marriage between Brahmins and Untouchable sudras was banned .

    In order to better understand the debate on the desirability of inter-Caste breeding, one should understand term totally censored from the English language today:

    Dysgenics: (or down-breeding): The process of increased negative genetic changes (retrogression) in a species. An example being an intelligent high l.Q. Brahmin woman giving birth to a low I.Q. mulatto baby.

    To young people of the late 1990's, it seems Inconceivable that all of organized society once actively opposed the mating of Brahmins with non-Brahmins. Those few who dared voice support for such an abomination were generally regarded as depraved crackpots. Most states had Anti-Miscegenation laws that forbade sexual relations between the castes. One could be imprisoned for mating outside of the Brahmin Caste.

    This changed with Indian Independence and the onset of the Civil Rights era. In 1947. From that time on, there has been an ever growing campaign in the popular culture to promote and expand this irreversible caste-mixing -- Why?

    Inter-Caste Breeding Threatens All

    Some might ask: Why should the government ever have regulated the behavior of two consenting individuals? Do they not have the right to mate with whomever they choose?

    Our forefathers recognized the vast gulf which exists between the Brahmin and Sudras in terms of equality. They recognized the Sudras to be an inferior race, child-like, capricious, impulsive and cruel, yet useful for manual labor under the constant direction of the Brahmin man. They also recognized the inherent danger in the presence of a large Sudra population in contact with Brahmins because it invariably leads to intercaste sexual relations. They saw the hideous results of low-class Brahmin men mating with plantation Sudra females. They knew that every civilization in history that had used Sudra slaves eventually succumbed to the corruption of interracial breeding, leading to the collapse of that society.

    Therefore, the founders of Brahmanism passed laws forbidding Brahmin-Sudra marriage. This was the real motivation behind the segregation laws which existed in the pre civil rights era . They did not want their civilization to decay and fall due to interbreeding with inferior racial stock!

    Problems of Mixed Couples

    1) Sudra males are 20 times more likely to be bi-sexual than are Brahmin males. They are also many times more likely to be users of intravenous drugs than are Brahmins. The obvious implication here is that the Brahmin female who chooses a non-Brahmin mate drastically increases her chances of exposure to the dread HIV-AIDS plague and the hideous death that inevitably follows. According to medical sources in 1996, one out of every 33 young Sudra males is infected with AIDS in comparison to one in 100 young males as a whole. Were this one fact common knowledge, interracial mating would cease overnight!

    2) Sudra genes are dominant over that of the Brahmin by a four-to-one ratio. This means that any offspring from such a union will always favor the Sudra parent, even if the Sudra parent is not a full-blooded Sudra.

    3) Domestic violence is far more prevalent among mixed couples than among Brahmins. Sundanda Pushkar and Tharoor marriage as evidence for this.

    4)Brahmin parents will often dis-own a child who enters into an inter-racial relationship. They are in fact despised by the general public of both castes.

    5) When an inter-caste baby is conceived, a Brahmin family line, thousands of years old, has instantly ceased to exist. In fact, one could say that the only reason an individual is Brahmin today is because all of their ancestors mated only with other Brahmins.

    6) Inherited health problems of the Sudras, such as sickle-cell anemia, can be passed along to the mix-breed offspring of an intercaste couple.

    7) The low I.Q. of Sudras has been scientifically proven to be hereditary. Low-I.Q. people breed only more low-I.Q. offspring and usually have large numbers of offspring, further polluting the Brahmin gene pool. Sudras score 15 to 20 I.Q. points lower than Brahmins on every intelligence test ever given.Sudra have brains which exhibit primitive features such as small size, light weight and fewer convolutions ("wrinkles" linked to intelligence). For this reason, the offspring of intercaste couples will have lower intelligence than if the Brahmin partner had a child by another Brahmin person.

    8) The divorce rate of inter-caste marriages is 75%. It is believed that many who engage in mixed unions have profound emotional problems and/or are drug users. Often they seek to mock society's norms or are in rebellion against their parents.

    9) The Caste Throwback: This is when one parent in a mixed marriage suddenly learns that he or she has distant Sudra ancestors. THE TRUTH AT LAST has carried several shocking stories about "Brahmin" couples having a Sudra baby.

    "EXAGGERATED SENSE OF SELF-IMPORTANCE": Even the scrawniest, most butt-ugly, Lice-infested Sudra with a cold sore on its lip thinks that it is l rolled into one. This exaggerated sense of self-importance is a defensive mechanism that the Sudroid adopts at an early age in order to protect itself from having to deal with the truth — that it is in reality the stupidest, ugliest, lowest form of life on earth.

    "SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT" & "WRIST WATCHES ON RIGHT HANDS": Sudras are so stupid that they think wearing sunglasses makes them look cool, and will wear them at night to look even cooler. Not! The only thing that wearing sunglasses does is make them look like Chimpanzees wearing sunglasses! Sudras have the uncanny ability to fool themselves, which Nature provided so they don't all jump off of cliffs en masse like Lemmings. If knew how stupid and ugly they were, they would drown their offspring at birth and set fire to themselves. The tribe in Africa wears faucets around their necks when they go into battle, believing that water makes them invisible and also bullet-proof. This really is how stupid Sudras are, folks!

    "SPITTING ON THE SIDEWALK": One of the least endearing traits of the Sudra Domesticus and its close cousin Sudrason Parolus is the fact that these disgusting creatures spit on sidewalks.
    The saliva of the both the feral and domestic Sudra is dangerous, and should technically be classified as "Bio-hazardous Medical Waste". Unwitting passersby are tracking germs and bacteria from these disgusting apes into their homes which contain AIDS, Hepatitis, TB, Syphilis, and a thousand other ape-borne diseases.
    Sudras spit on the sidewalk after eating pans because they are stupid, disgusting creatures who have no concept of sanitation or civilized behavior. They also spit on the sidewalk out of contempt for "Brahmini" and all of his rules. Sudras are really just angry and resentful apes. Inside their over-heated Simian brains they know damn well they are the most loathsome, disgusting creatures on the planet. They also know that they are too stupid to even build a sidewalk. Building anything takes knowledge of math and a number of skills that Sudras lack. What Sudras have you ever seen that possesses even the simplest ability to plan out and execute something even remotely complex? I mean seriously - they live in mud huts and smear themselves with feces still to this day. They just make up stories like that to make themselves feel better - but we all know that it's just a pack of lies!

    In addition to the dictionary definition of dialect, we have those of offered in linguistics classes: Dialect is a regional speech pattern.

    So, unlike 150 years ago, Sudras no longer dominate a specific regional area. So, now lets apply Modus Tollens transformation rule of predicate logic.
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    IF Sudras are regional then their babble is a dialect.
    Sudras babble barely scrapes by as a language . . which is defined as a communication by voice in the distinctively human manner, using arbitrary sounds in conventional ways with conventional meanings.

    Our trolls might have merit to argue on those grounds. It IS a means of communication, albeit primitive in structure and concepts it can convey. But then they have to explain how a simpler language can arise out of more complex one when there is ample formalized instruction in the complex form, and, therein lies the rub, a horrible fact Sudrass and their supporters can't accept.

    HOW does a language "devolve" in the midst of ample formalized instruction. We aren't talking about some isolated tribe living in isolation, we are taking about a huge segment spread over 3.806 million sq miles, nearly all receiving some type of instruction in speaking proper English at some point in their lives plus being bombarded by non-negro babble in moves, television, radio. Nearly all Sudras have the same difficulties with the same words REGARDLESS of the education level or social-economic factors.

    No other people show this oddity. Not mestizos, not Caucasians, not Arabs, not Islamic. No others, now or in the past. Nor is it an issue with just English. Sudras have the SAME issues with certain phonology, verb conjuration, and tense. That alone throws the dialect dreams out the window.

    By linguistic standards, and not the whines of Sudras and their appeasers, Sudra babble is barely language, most certainly not dialect. The reality, the horrible, ugly reality, is that it is an excuse, and a poor one at that. It is a feeble effort to turn a blind eye to a simple, albeit, fact that Sudras are dumber than a can of tuna and that the last 50 years of hand-holding, coddling, and spoon-feeding have been a colossal waste of time and money.

    When the information is compiled and looked at devoid of pandering and free of propaganda, there is only one conclusion. Sudras are dumber than a can of tuna, and without the harsh penalties dumb down their language accordingly. It continues to support a horrible and ugly through, that Sudras are the primitive versions of us. That the non-Sudra struggle for survival in the diverse world of the Pleistocene changes us from them, and that in addition to higher levels of gratification deterrence, the struggle for survival in the frozen wastes allows us more complex thought and our languages reflect that.

    So please trolls, spin more yarns about Sudra brilliance, Sudra language, and Sudra ability. Hell, from my experiences in college working for law firms .

    What The HOLY BIBLE OF WEST Says About Race Mixing

    Liberal ministers have had a very difficult time reconciling the Holy Bible with their crusade to promote inter-racial marriage. Quite frankly, the Bible demands Segregation of the different races.
    The Apostle Paul: Acts 17:24-28 says that God made man "and hath determined the bounds of their habitation." Genesis 28:1, says that the Canaanites (blacks) were the "servants of servants" and Isaac called Jacob and said unto him, "Thou shalt not take a wife of the daughters of Canaan."
    Jeremiah 13:23 stresses the fact that we can not make white people out of the Negroes in these words: "Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots." This could be interpreted as a warning that Negroes could breed Whites down into mongrels but that we can never breed them up into Whites.

    Inter-Breeding of The Races Destroys Civilization

    It is an historical fact that every nation in the history of the world in which the Brahmin population mixed its gene pool with that of the lower races lost its civilization. Prime examples are India, (where the Aryan Brahmin interbred with the dark skinned Dravidians of the South), Egypt (where the Caucasian builders of the Pyramids inter-bred with their Nubian / Sudanese slaves) and Brazil, a nation far richer in natural resources than the U.S.

    Carthage and the other great civilizations of North Africa all vanished due to inter-breeding with the Negro. The great explorer Stanley stated that black history in Africa did not begin until they came in contact with the colonial powers, who built modern civilization for them.

    Today, with the withdrawal of the Brahmin, "Indian Civilization" has collapsed as brutal, superstitious and illiterate chiefs, generals and witch doctors struggle for power and a brief but violent reign as "president for life". There is not one truly freely elected leader in all of India.

    The Inequality of Human Races, writes: "We look at all of the achievements of the Brahmanish people and then try and find some semblance of a civilization in Sudra Indians. We are unable to find any advanced art, science, religion, morality, philosophy, history or even one single civilization"

    "I will say, then, that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the Brahmin and Sudras - that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of making voters or jurors of Sudras - nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to inter-marry with Brahmin people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the Brahmins and Sudras which will ever forbid the two Varnas living together on terms of social and political equality, and in as much as they cannot so live, while they do remain together, there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I, as much as any other man, am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the Brahmins."

    "Take Your Choice - Separation or Mongrelization"

    A permanent solution to the Sudra problem. Like Manu Smruthi, said that they should be repatriated back to city Out skirts Untouchable colonies .

    Communist Party Promoted Race-Mixing

    The interCaste breeding of the races was not promoted as an issue by Communist Party support, issued the first "civil rights law" This established the Fair Employment Practice Committee . It banned discrimination based on "race, color or Caste, creed" among all private businesses receiving defense contracts.

    Indira Gandhi was the first prominent Brahmin woman to get married with Sudra, was also the first to approve inter caste marriage in a speech to students at University. She said: "Marriage between Brahmins and Sudras is an individual and personal matter. I would never say yes or no to intermarriage."

    "We must, as a war necessity, proceed to the systematic and relentless wiping out of every law, custom and habit of thought, which in flagrant violation of our Constitution enforces an unequal status between Sudras and Brahmin citizens.

    Famous scientists warned that inter caste breeding would lower the quality of the Brahmin caste. It is known that the Sudras has an I.Q. 15 to 20 points lower than the average Brahmin and this is an inherited trait. Their Varna features are those of primitive man, such as: 1) The Sudras arms are two inches longer than the Brahmins. 2) The Sudra jaw juts forward giving him a facial angle of 50%, compared with the Brahmin of 82%. 3) The Sudras skull is thicker and their brain weeghts 1249 grams compared to 1380 far the Brahmin. 4) The mouth, jaw and teeth are much larger than the Brahmins. 5) The skin is thicker and their sweat glands emit a strong oder when perspiring. The body is mostly hairless. 6) The mouth has thick protruding lips, often showing the inner red mucous membrane inside the mouth. Likewise, the flat nose in pure Sudras has the nostril often showing the inner red mucous membrane. 7) The eyes are always black and the white part frequently is tinged with yellow. 8) At birth, the Sudras skull sutures close much earlier than any other race which retards the development of the forebrain - where the centers of intelligence lie.

    Inter Caste Breeding Destroys The Brahmin Varna.

    "The mulatto may be superior to the Sudra but he certainly is inferior to the Brahminn in intellectual ability. At best, amalgamation can improve the Sudra only at the expense of the Brahmin caste. Amalgamation is not, therefore, desirable on scientific grounds."

    Untouchable Sudra's sperm leads to Barbaric Offsprings:Brahmins as merciful, shy,Organisational abilities and charitable – qualities could be inherited. "A person born to Brahmanish parents, even if they weren't raised on the Vedas – there are things that are passed on (to him) in the blood, it's genetic,"as Scientific research explains. "If the father is a Sudra, then the child is deprived of these things.

    The Corruption of The Blood, states that: "Who, then, would have the foolhardiness to make this experiment of caste amalgamation - an experiment which , once made, is made forever, whose consequences could never be undone - when there is, at least, and at the very lowest, an undeniable possibility, not to say a certainty, that those consequences would be disastrous in the extreme? Can we imagine a more wanton folly ? Would such an experiment be seen any other place so well as in a madhouse ?"
    I sum up every argument on how inter caste marriage will destroy India's civilization with the words;

    "Take Your Choice - Separation or Mongrelization."
    "If our buildings, our highways, our railroads should be wrecked, we could rebuild them. If our cities should be destroyed, out of the very ruins we could erect newer and greater ones. Even if our armed might should be crushed, we could rear sons who would redeem our power. But if the blood of our Brahmin varna should become corrupted and mingled with the blood of Sudra, then the present greatness of the India would be destroyed and all hope for the future would be forever lost. The maintenance of Indian civilization would be as impossible for a Sudra Indian as would be the redemption and restoration of the Brahmin man's blood which has been mixed with that of the Sudra.
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    just now saw this somewhere any comments on this ?
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    There are no Brahmins left in the genetic sense of this author (I am assuming you did not author this, since your name is "Gary"), believe me I have been part of such discussions in the past and it seems to be an odd obsession with caste-extremists but from the DNA and genetic research I have read, with the rare exception of a few select communities consisting of very low populations (one of which is Lingayat Saiva and another a Bihar based Jain community) there are effectively no Brahmins (in the terminology meant by this author) of "pure" Indo-Aryan or Arya genetic marker or DNA (or "blood" or whatever terminology one may use, but using the term blood is absurdly outdated) - in fact most not only have Negroid DNA but also Austrol-Asian Dravidian. Some indeed have a higher instance of DNA that is also found in peoples of Romania than let us say "Sudras" but the fact is, I am not a Brahmin according to the literal application of caste, which actually is not varna but jati and much of jati is a 18th and 19th Century British cultural classification and invention and not Indian, yet even though I would not be called a Brahmin according to this author but my DNA and genetic composition (Anglo-Saxon-Norman) in a blind test against his DNA and genetic composition and using his concepts as "caste as race", I would be judged the Brahmin and not this author.

    But Brahmin is not a race, but a designation for priests and certain religious elites who were entrusted with protecting the Vedas and other religious text (largely by oral tradition, but later Vedas started to be written down or reproduced by the modern printing press), this protection became a paramount concern during the Muslim invasions especially starting in the 1200s AD and after, as not only were Hindu temples and pujaris and murtis under attack, but Hindu (or whatever term chosen, Sanatana Dharma etc.) scripture and oral tradition, as well as any public chanting or bhajans which were even outlawed. The Muslims would take down, destroy but often "repurpose" the temple stone and structure, and build a mosque on top of the very spot of the former temple location and the stone or other material of the Buddhist, Hindu or Jain temple can often be found in the structure of the mosque. Islam did the same in Turkey, etc., and it tried to reach into Europe to other non-Muslim edifices. This was also part of a thought pattern, or propaganda agenda if you will, that those villagers and others who came to the Hindu Holy spot or tirtha in the past would continue to come to the same spot in the future but now come to the mosque instead. This angered in no small way very strict Hindus who felt betrayed to see some of the villagers actually taking up the mosque and they marked them for shunning. However there were also epic struggles and heroic examples of Hindu resiliency such as the many times particular Hindu murtis were saved from Muslim destruction, for example how I learned from priests in Kashi (Varanasi) how the original Vishveshvara (Vishvanatha) Lingam was hidden in the Jyanavapi Wisdom Well to protect during a horrific Islamic rampage, and actually which Lingam is in fact the actual Vishvanatha which is not the current Lingam in the main shrine. This Lingam went to other locations even after retrieval from the Wisdom Well, and I have been informed with authority from a Jain about a similiar epic rescue and journey of one of the most famous of Vaishnav murtis which I will leave unnamed at this time, hut the point being that there were periods in India and Her history of EXTREME stress, invasion and so on, many betrayals as well, and all this cuntributed to the very real need to keep Hindu treasures, murtis, scriptures and so on protected from destruction and to keep aspects of Hindus including Vedas and such out of the hands and secret from those whu had very real evil and destructive intentions. Sadly also, many poorer or impoverish Hindus betrayed these precious things to enemies of Hinduism in return for a bit of land or food.

    One famous Vaisnav is actually a Skanda murti saved from destruction, another Surya.

    Caste is jati - birth based profession. Jati is not varna at all, nor measured by guna, but strictly a designation based on birth for the "profession" you perform, and very specific even down to "shoemaker", "painter", one who makes bowls out of wood, another who makes bowls out of clay, and so on. These are not in the Vedas, most all were modern designations starting in the "middle ages" and also during several periods of extreme social stress, disease outbreaks and famine, collapses of Royal families and dynasties, and of course during multiple and relentless Islamic invasions, destruction and hegemony. Initially there were about 300 jati as part of martial law or extreme fear of losing what one had even as little as it might be from refugees, diseased and desperate wanders from other villages or regions, extreme competition over resources at times of horrific calamity. Fear was not uncommon and the reasons for such fear was very real indeed. Later when the British came, the British actually used jati as a way of social order and control, and it was the British who expanded the categories and structure of jati as a means for "regulated production" and expanded 300 jati to over 6,000 in the matter of only 100 years.

    Gotra has nothing to do with jati, certainly not varna either, gotra is a designation for a clan or family community, was typically also a regional identity of a regional community which also had a clan murti or idol which is different from a fixed temple "idol" and certain large or powerful families had a clan idol and an example of that was the Devi Murti of Lord Ravana of Lanka.

    A clan murti does not need to be fixed to one location, but could be moved for example from the Sind to Gujarat if powerful members of the clan relocated to Gujarat for example, perhaps fleeing Muslim in some cases. Many gotras became confused with the British new caste systems or jati expansion. These were never a race.

    In the times of world war or chaos, world in the sense of what is your vision of a world in which you live without modern transport even if no more the size of 300 miles in any direction, nothing is like normal life. There was a period of ascendency of India before the middle times (before 400 AD). But then came the bubonic then pneumonic plage from the marmots of Mongolia who had the flea or were found dead and eaten by nomads. It came through Afghanistan into India and killed over 2-fifths of the Indian population and the ascendancy collapsed. It would reach Rome also, but came with devastation to Europe on the flea of the rat, killing one out of five Europeans and came several times. During those times in Europe a sort of caste system also started to form simply out of self-preservation and justifiable fears.

    It was not just Hindus who suffered at the hands of Islam - Buddhists and Jains did as well. But there was a struggle as well for Royal patronage which for a period of time was held by the Jains and between Hindus and Jains across Bihar to Gujarat. Jains however were also already losing patronage to Buddhists, keep in mind Siddharta (the Buddha) was a Hindu but met Jain savants and was given instruction by such Jains as well and Mahavira was a contemporary of "the Buddha" a term deriving from Gautama which really means "The Intellectual" like Buddhi, but Buddhism came later as a religion. Really it was first a form of "Jain Hinduism", today we see Hindu Gods in Jain temples.

    The Hindus were trying to regain Royal patronage from the Jains, Jain-Hindus and the later Buddhists though they still had such Royal patronage in some areas and even spread Hinduism and Buddhism also spread during these "struggles" which were very real though not compared in horror with the invasion of foreign Islam. Jaina and Buddhism are both of Indian origin, Islam is totally foreign and interlopers.

    So infact, these struggles of initially Hindu verse Jain and then Hindu verse Buddhist went on and also contributed to Hindu "priests" trying to protect Vedas from Buddhists who, despite the Buddhist reputation for "peace" were in fact very violent at least among the Royals and their warriors and of course Hindu Kshatriyas were also violent with Buddhists in kind. All this contributed to the climate of "protecting Vedas from Buddhist destruction" (and in pocketed hold outs of Jains to the South, and one of the descendants of Ravana was a Jain, thus it is sometimes said one of Ravan's 10 Heads was Jain).

    But something happened when Islam started to come, an example Oriya (Orrisa). There were temples that held a bone or tooth of the Buddha in parts of India which had Royal patronage, from the cremation of Siddhartha and by those times worshipped in a wooden "box". Az some Hindus took Royal patronage, some Buddhists now in descendancy and Hindus united if you will against Islamic hegemony. In fact there is a famous Lankan temple of Muruga that is in fact using Buddhist priests to do the puja to this very day. The temple of Buddha's "bone" (likely tooth in this case) became Jagannath Temple, a hybrid of Hinduism and Buddhism intially. Even today as the Jagannath Idol (made of wood) is "replaced" with a new one, an object is removed by a very special class of Brahmins and placed into the "new" Jagannath. The ceremony used in this and by these priests is Buddhist, the object is the "bone" of the Buddha himself, and protected from the Muslims or "foreigners". Before those times the bone was taken out in a great cart and paraded before the people under Buddhist Royal patronage. It still is today under Hinduism in the Jagannath carts.
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    So struggle effects human behavior. Struggle ascends over race in the human drama. There is fear that lives as it's own. The Gods have explained that. Once it becomes alive, this fear is indeed a life. A life has it's life span. Then it dies.

    Everything this author wrote of is reaching it's final hours. The "crows foot" mark of death in the deep canyon between the two channels on the back of the neck is already seen.

    But the greatest Conqueror over history is not a Buddhist or Hindu Royal with armies, nor a Hitler or Napoleon. Not as "great" as this Conqueror who makes the sword of Islam look like a feather. And Brahmin and Buddhist priests may travel far, to Cambodia even and build temples. But not as far as her warm hand.

    She is the disease. You might say the pox or the plague. There is no greater impact to history, oddly her story is seldom told or understood or fully assessed in how She rides and changes history itself and all the course of every history. She can ride on a flea and the flea ride on a rat. And standing on the rat is Ganesha. She is the Sureal Shitala. She is the fever, but at times She may feel so very cold.

    She may arise where the conditions are there in the blood and gore and ignorance and rancid stench, like what we see in Syria or Iraq. Then She can come. Or She may come from a river in the Congo, She has been there in the jungle waiting.

    When She comes, eventually She does, history changes. She will kill 1 fifth of all humanity or more, at least of your "world".

    And when She kills, she doesn't give a damn about caste. Or race. And She will empty Mecca, no one will come to the Haj that year. She will come to Mumbai, and Constantinope and Rome and Fez and Cabinda and London and Tokyo and Shanghai and very fast to Honolulu. She will come. And at that time many will be afraid. And flee. Or shelter in place. And say "I am a caste, you are an untouchable, do not touch me for I do not want to die."
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