Intolerance Of Religious Belief's

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    Intolerance of any sort is one of the most dangerous weapon that is destroying humanity currently.
    When we become proud of our beliefs, we often want everyone else to be the same. This pride is DANGEROUS at times because in this consciousness of the mind, we will hurt the feelings of others, hence what we think is right, will soon become a Adharmic actions (causing bad Karma).

    I have learnt this the hard way not so long ago !!!!...
    I was always a person who should condemn others and make them feel that they are wrong and that my belief is always right.
    This causes them to loose faith in their own belief and they wouldn't form a new belief in our faith either because we had destroyed their previous one. - And that feeling of destroying a persons belief is NOT a good feeling like accomplishment but rather a feeling of grief, because we will see the pain in the eyes. - bring grief to one purposely isn't what any religion teach.

    Besides this, we also see intolerance within our beliefs itself.
    We can easily see our Hindu brothers and sisters debating that their favorite deity is superior. -This causes disunity and doubt as well.

    Everyone always see the negative in everyone and not the positive.
    We need to see the divine in every Human being, and NOT the demon in them.
    -We are all linked to the supreme Lord via our jivatma so why see them as different when we are linked.
    Lets forget this Maya which deludes the jivas in egoism, making us forget their spiritual nature of being human as well as being spiritually knowledgeable.

    Promoting your belief is a good deed, but promoting doesn't mean condemning another.
    Besides if we are are true to our own faith, then we won't find the need to defend ourselves when condemned- as in our hearts, we know the eternal truth.- this is because sometimes when we defend our belief- it also leads to being a little offensive.

    Some people are also intolerant about being tolerant !!!-lol.
    As uncle Roy Pillay always say, we don't ask for ''Hindu blood, Christian Blood, Muslim Blood from when we are in hospitals''.

    ''Intolerance is itself a form of violence and an obstacle to the growth of a true democratic spirit'' - Gandhi .

  2. keshar

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    We should respect every other's view and not to force our views on others.
  3. Senthil

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    Tolerance means to allow to exist without interference or hassling individuals with beliefs different that your own. it does not mean accepting their beliefs as your, which unfortunately some people feel is tolerance.
  4. SanatanVedaGyan

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    There are two words -
    1. Mutual Tolerance
    2. Mutual Respect.

    In between there is "Balance of Power".

    Lets understand,
    One set of people (say A)want to force their belief upon others, and indulge in violence against others. This is intolerance.
    Other set of people (say B)acquires power to selfprotect - This is "Balance of Power"
    As "A" no more fight with "B", so "A" proposed ceasefire. And both A and B agreed not to indulge in violence. Hence we have the term-1 (Mutual Tolerance)

    But 1 is not the solution for peace, its just like silence before the storm.

    But for 1, "A" and "B" will start talking with eachother. This communication will build a relation in between, and this may end the hatred. Then we will reach the term-2 (Mutual Respect).

    This is the solution.
    Hinduism has reached the Level-2 with all other religions born in India. For others, its just 1. Hope, all will reach the next level soon.
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